Powerful Buffalo Twists Around Quickly to Toss a Male Lion From Its Back and Into the Road

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 20, 2023
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We’ll bet that animals wished picking food out was as easy as it is for humans. When we are in the mood for something in particular, like pizza or a salad, we merely pop on down to our local grocery store. We pick out the ingredients that we need, and we can make the exact food that we are in the mood for. However, animals in the wild aren’t so lucky. Many times, they are not able to be picky and choosy. 

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We are certain that predatorial animals like certain foods. However, always being able to choose the prey they want won’t always happen. Sometimes, it is the food of convenience. Like the video that we see below. It looks as though this dominant lion and his lioness are roaming around. Suddenly, they come across a large cape buffalo that is wandering around alone. Now, the fact that it is wandering around alone is a great thing for these lions. Trying to cut a buffalo off from their herd is no easy task. And the reason it is not easy is their incredible size. Let’s take a look at the size of a buffalo and a lion and see why taking one down would be such a feat. 

How Big are Cape Buffalos?

The cape buffalo is a mammal.

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Cape buffalos are large mammals that can weigh anywhere between 1,323-2,000 pounds. They can reach a height of 51-67 inches and a length of 67-96 inches. 

These large mammals are absolute beasts to take down. Although the king of the jungle has earned their title for their ability to take down large prey, it doesn’t mean that they can take it down with ease or that they are successful every time. Let’s see how large lions are. 

How Big are Lions?

male lion

A large male lion can weigh up to 550 pounds!


Lions can weigh anywhere from 264-500 pounds. They also can reach a length of 4.7-8.2 feet long. 

As we can see, lions are incredibly smaller than that of the cape buffalo. As the video below starts, we see this male lion attempting to jump on this buffalo. However, this buffalo is smart and knows that if he can keep his face toward the lion and show that he is willing to fight, the lion won’t come in. 

The cape buffalo crosses the road and turns his back. This is when the lion jumps on top. However, the cape buffalo uses his tremendous strength and throws the lion off with ease. And given his size, we know that isn’t difficult to believe!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © iStock.com/Wirestock

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