Proud Mama Bear Brings Adorable Cubs By To Say Hello

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 18, 2023
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Residents in Asheville, North Carolina get yearly visits from a beautiful black bear they named Simone. Roughly 60% of North Carolina’s geographical area is now home to black bears. Simone had a little surprise for her human friends when she made her appearance this season!

Watch the Adorable Video Now!

As the black bear appears from the woods, an excited individual begins recording the beloved wild animal. Little did they know, Simone was now the mother of two adorable cubs. Although they frequently sprint ahead of the mother, cubs often accompany the mother to feeding locations within the mother’s territory.

A lot of their time is spent playing with items, their mother, and other cubs when they are well-fed. The little bears are brave enough to check out this person’s front porch and all of the nooks and crannies around it! When faced with danger, the mother may act aggressively, or she may flee and guide the cubs to a safety tree. 

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In the late summer, some females take their offspring to feeding grounds up to 60 miles outside of their territory. The cubs memorize these places and may visit them again as adults. Anytime bears come close to civilization, like, in this video, they’re likely hungry, looking for food. 

Bears have an incredible sense of smell and can catch a whiff of food from up to 20 miles away! This means whatever scraps you put in your garbage can or lunch you forgot about in your car, a bear can smell it and be on the prowl for a free meal.

Patrick Conley, the individual filming this mama bear, records the wee bears running across the yard. This has got to be one of the cutest videos of baby black bears ever recorded! Without missing a beat, the cubs start climbing a large tree. 

Bear Cub Facts

Few creatures play as much as bear cubs, yet it is still unclear why they play. Young animals may play to promote brain development, “burn off” surplus energy, and improve cardiovascular fitness, according to scientists.

Some bear cubs engage in intense play. Others participate far less. Each one has a unique personality. Malnourished cubs do not play as much as well-fed cubs. These cubs have powerful, curved claws that enable them to climb from an early age. However, it takes time to master the method. 

They must discover which trees have the finest holding surfaces. For training, smaller trees and branches are ideal. Additionally, American black bears will climb trees to get away from danger and find protection. Black bear mothers may encourage their cubs to climb trees in order to keep them safe from predators.

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