Real Life Harry Potter Owl Delivers the Mail to Russian Man

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 19, 2023
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The majestic owl is known for being a peaceful, knowledgeable, and intelligent bird. We frequently overlook the fact that owls are raptors, loners that spend their evenings preparing for their next hunt. As an eagle is to the day, so is an owl to the night. Generally speaking, owls represent supernatural wisdom, royal stillness, and fiery intelligence. This is so that they can plan their methods rather than just utilize force, as owls are excellent strategists and hunters.

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The iconic Harry Potter series makes these creatures appear much more friendly than they actually are. In the films, owls act as pets, similar to golden retrievers. They’re famously known for bringing children an invitation letter to a special school for witches and warlocks. 

Owls were used over other animals to facilitate wizard communication. Owls delivered Howlers, letters, and packages. Because of their inherent camouflage and the soft, hair-like edges on their flying feathers, owls are excellent letter deliverers.

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A pair in Russia were just having a casual day at home when they had an unexpected visitor. Their cat was inside one of the rooms of their home when they suddenly hear something at the window. A gorgeous owl was tapping on the glass with a piece of paper in its mouth! 

The brave man recording opens the window without a second thought. All species of owls have a history of attacking humans to protect their young, their partners, or their territories. Innocent joggers and hikers are frequent targets. Attacks by owls seldom result in fatalities, and victims frequently flee without being hurt.

Owl Lore

He grabs the paper out of the owl’s mouth and laughs to himself when he finds out what it is. Unfortunately, it’s not an invitation to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s a measly electric bill that must’ve blown out of someone’s trash bin.

Not everyone is suited for the life Harry Potter had and some of us are just designed to pay our electric bills and live a comfortable muggle life. Despite what the popular book-to-film series makes us believe, owls are far from nice to humans. 

Owls are regarded by many as adorable and unusual-looking birds. They will behave aggressively more frequently than amiably, nevertheless. In the end, owls are wild animals, and being friendly to people isn’t necessarily in their nature.

Due to the countless owl references in mythology and folklore, owls are typically seen as symbols of wisdom and understanding. The owl can also represent change and time in symbolism. Because of this, you will often see owl tattoos with timepieces like clocks or hourglasses clasped in their talons.

This nocturnal bird was thought to accompany the deceased on their journey to the afterlife by some Native American tribes. Thankfully, this curious bird was just delivering someone a piece of junk mail and nothing more. Still, what an incredible experience to have from the comfort of your own home! 

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