Real-Life Tarzan Grabs A Python’s Head While It Tried To Dead Wrap Him

Written by Taiwo Victor
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Snakes, more than any other animal, give people the creeps. Indeed, the fear of snakes is the second most common phobia, trailing behind only the fear of spiders. However, one man, as seen in the video below, claiming to be the real Tarzan, dares to tame one of the world’s largest snake species: the python!

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At the start of the video, “Tarzan” is holding the python’s tail, and at least four people are either watching or filming the scene. As evidenced by the lush greenery and towering trees, they are in the python’s natural habitat. As soon as Tarzan grabs the python’s head, it curls its body and wraps it around his arms in response. The weight of the python clearly gives him a hard time because he has to squat to catch himself, and you can see the strain on his muscles.

Sensing the dilemma, some onlookers appear ready to act if something bad happens, while others can be heard with amusement in their voices. “I can’t let this guy go because he would mess me up,” Tarzan says as he tames the massive snake. He is aware of the danger he is in, claiming that the snake can easily wrap itself around his hands the moment it gets the chance.

Biggest Snakes: The Burmese Python

The thickness of a python’s body determines how tight it can squeeze.

©Heiko Kiera/

Despite the strong grip around its neck, the giant python has a lot of fight left in him. Tarzan is already struggling to keep the snake in place as it curls its body around him in defense. He describes the legless monster as “beefy,” which is accurate given how it uses all of its physical strength to overpower him.

For fans of poetry, the beat of someone else’s heart signifies a special bond. But for a python, it simply means its prey is still alive. Suffocation is how a constricting snake, such as a python, kills its prey. Tarzan knew this by heart as he says, “Gotta watch those coils because once it gets around your neck…” He doesn’t even need to finish his sentence because everyone knows what will happen.

It is unclear why Tarzan and his team captured the python, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from zoology, it’s to leave the animals alone, and no harm will be done.

How Strong Are Pythons’ Squeeze?

jungle carpet python in tree

Pythons have a crushing power of 14 PSI.

©Nagel Photography/

The thickness of a python’s body determines how tight it can squeeze. The more muscle mass a snake has, the more tightly it can squeeze. Pythons have a squeezing force of 14 PSI (measured on an 18-foot-long python), but this can vary depending on the size of their prey. Constriction requires a lot of energy, and the snake will only expend what is necessary.

Do Pythons Attack Humans?

According to the US authorities, there have been no attacks by Burmese pythons living in the Glades. However, experts have also noted that reticulated pythons which originate in South Asia do have a habit of attacking humans. They tend to bite first before strangling.

The frequency of their attacks in this regard means they have been added to the Lacey Act List prohibiting their sale and transport within the United States.

Human Vs Python

Coastal carpet python - Morelia spilota mcdowelli pythons

Pythons are pretty formidable predators capable of growing to 20 feet or more.


Can a human overpower a python? It really is a question of size. And yet, given the fact that pythons can grow to 20 feet in length, it is unlikely that a human would be able to defeat a full-grown reptile.

One lucky individual who fought one such creature and lived to tell the tale was Robert Nababan a security guard at a palm oil plantation in Indonesia.

He was riding his motorbike home after a hard day’s work when he came upon a 26-foot reptile. While attempting to remove it, the predator struck, first with its teeth and then with its coils. However, he was able to fight it off, and villagers also came to the rescue, one of whom attacked the python with a log.

However, Robert was hospitalized following his encounter with the reptile as his arm was injured during the struggle.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Heiko Kiera/

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