8 Reasons to Avoid a Honda Lawnmower at All Costs

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Updated: November 8, 2023
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Honda lawnmowers are generally considered high-quality, top-performing machines. However, there are some reasons to avoid a Honda lawnmower. They are not for everyone, even if they are powerful.

Of course, not all Honda lawnmowers are super expensive. Some Honda models are competitively priced to the competition, such as Toro, EGO, and Ryobi.

It’s important to consider your specific needs when it comes to purchasing a lawnmower. Not everyone needs the same model or brand. Purchasing what your neighbor recommends may not be the best option.

Let’s look at some top reasons to avoid Honda lawnmowers. It’s important to note that not all of these cons are true for every Honda model. As you might imagine, Honda tries to offer a range of different models to their customers that have different features.

1. Cost

Matt White was supposed to be a billionaire.

Honda lawnmowers are more expensive than many other brands.


Honda lawnmowers are often on the higher end of the price spectrum. They’re expensive compared to many other brands, especially up front. You may be able to find similar lawnmowers for cheaper. If you have a limited budget, a Honda lawnmower probably isn’t for you.

Often, you’re paying for tons of advanced features and technology. If you use these features, then the added price may be worth it. However, if you’re just looking for a plain lawnmower, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere for a more budget-friendly model.

That said, Honda lawnmowers are known for their durability and longevity. Therefore, they’re commonly considered a long-term investment. The cost may be justifiable if you plan to use them for years.

Cost is just one factor to consider when purchasing a lawnmower. Think about your overall priorities. If having a high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting lawnmower is a top priority for you, the higher cost of a Honda mower might be justified. On the other hand, if you’re more focused on minimizing upfront expenses, you might prefer a more budget-friendly option.

Of course, not all Honda lawnmowers are super expensive. Some Honda models are competitively priced to the competition, such as Toro, EGO, and Ryobi.

2. Overkill for Small Lawns

Mowing the grass with a lawn mower in early autumn. Gardener cuts the lawn in the garden.

Small yards need extra consideration when purchasing a lawnmower.


Honda lawnmowers may be overkill for smaller yards. They’re often equipped with powerful engines designed to handle different terrains and cutting conditions. However, if you have a smaller yard, you may not need the extra horsepower.

Many of these lawnmowers also have advanced features, like self-propulsion and adjustable speed settings. In a smaller yard, you may not need these at all. It doesn’t make sense to pay for things you won’t need, especially if it makes the process more complicated.

Some Honda lawnmowers are also quite big. They have bulky cutting decks that you just don’t need for a smaller yard. Plus, you may need more maneuverability in smaller spaces where you need to navigate around obstacles. A smaller lawnmower may work best in these situations.

Larger and more feature-rich lawnmowers can also take up more storage space. If you have limited storage options and a small lawn, you might prefer a more compact and space-efficient lawnmower that suits your needs without consuming excess space.

However, Honda makes a few lawnmowers suitable for smaller yards. For example, the Honda HRS216PKA is a push mower with a 21-inch cutting deck, making it better for smaller spaces. It has a simple design and a lightweight frame that makes it easy to maneuver and store.

3. Maintenance Costs

These lawnmowers have expensive up-front costs and more expensive maintenance, too. Many of their parts are more expensive, and they tend to have many parts that can break. The high-end Honda lawnmowers are particularly bad about this. All the added features also add more moving parts that can lead to costly repairs.

Honda lawnmowers also tend to have fewer aftermarket alternatives than more popular mowers. John Deere lawnmowers have many aftermarket parts, for instance, which are cheaper (even if they aren’t always the best option for repairing your lawnmower).

This brand of lawnmower also requires more specialized maintenance. You must typically use Honda dealers or service centers to maintain the warranty. These can be more expensive and hard to find. You may have to ship your lawnmower to them in some cases, which is extremely cost-prohibitive.

4. Complex Features

Many people love Honda lawnmowers because of all their added features. However, these features can also make the machine more complicated to use. These often come with a significant learning curve. You may have to skim through the manual or look up how-to videos on utilizing certain features correctly.

If you’re looking for a more straightforward, intuitive experience, a Honda lawnmower may not be your best option.

You’ll often see Honda lawnmowers with features like self-propulsion, adjustable speed settings, and multiple cutting modes. If you want these features, a Honda lawnmower may be a good choice. However, if you don’t, you may want to look elsewhere.

5. Weight

Honda lawnmowers can also be quite heavy. They require more physical effort to operate and move. If you have physical limitations or health concerns, you may want a lighter lawnmower. You don’t want mowing the lawn to be a huge physical strain.

Furthermore, storing these lawnmowers can be a bit of a hassle due to their weight. You may have trouble lifting them into a shed, for instance. It’s also cumbersome to carry up any steps, so you may need to get a ramp for this purpose.

You may also want to consider the terrain of your yard. If your lawn is very sloped, you must consider that when purchasing a lawnmower. Pushing a heavy lawnmower around can be a big pain on a hill!

If you’re an older individual or introducing younger members of your household to lawn maintenance, a lighter lawnmower can be more suitable and less intimidating.

6. Availability of Service Centers

You can find Honda service centers in some areas. However, they tend to be few and far between. If you live in an area without one, you may be unable to fix your lawnmower while keeping the warranty intact. It often doesn’t make sense to ship a lawnmower for service, as the shipping can be very expensive.

Because of these problems, you may have trouble maintaining your Honda lawnmower. We recommend checking for service centers near you before purchasing a lawnmower. You never know when you’ll need a repair.

7. Noise Level

Honda lawnmowers can be a bit noisy, depending on the model. If you have neighbors, you may want to be a bit cautious with purchasing a very loud mower, especially if you plan on evening mowing sessions.

Some areas may even have laws regarding noise levels at certain times of the day. Check to see if you have any of these laws in your area, and select a lawnmower that complies with them.

Of course, noise can also affect your comfort when mowing. Very loud mowers may cause pain and even hearing damage over time. You’ll often have to wear hearing protection to prevent hearing loss.

While gas-powered lawnmowers can be noisier than electric options, many manufacturers, including Honda, have been working on incorporating noise-reducing technologies into their engine designs.

It’s worth checking if the specific Honda lawnmower model you want offers reduced noise levels.

8. Personal Brand Preferences

Some homeowners simply prefer one brand over the other. Many brands have lots of name recognition, like John Deere. Honda is a brand name that is easily recognizable, but many people may not associate it with lawnmowers.

Many people stick with the brands they know because they know what to expect from them. If someone has had success with a particular brand in the past, they may decide to purchase that same brand in the future.

Obviously, if you prefer a different brand, then purchasing a Honda may just not make sense.

Alternatives to Honda Lawnmowers

BrandCommon TypeCommon FeaturesBenefits
ToroGasSelf-propelled, mulching, baggingWell-known for durability and ease of use
EGOBatterySelf-propelled, adjustable speed, foldable designOffers quiet operation and minimal maintenance
CraftsmanGasLightweight, side discharge, adjustable cutting heightAffordable option with straightforward features
HusqvarnaGasEasy start, compact design, adjustable cutting heightKnown for reliable performance
GreenworksBatteryLightweight, adjustable cutting height, push designOffers eco-friendly battery-powered operation
SnapperGasRear-wheel drive, easy start, multiple cutting modesOffers versatility and user-friendly features

Summary of 8 Reasons to Avoid a Honda Lawnmower at All Costs

NumberReason to Avoid Honda Lawnmower
2Overkill for Small Lawns
3Maintenance Costs
4Complex Features
6Availability of Service Centers
7Noise Level
8Personal Brand Preferences
Summary Table of 8 Reasons to Avoid a Honda Lawnmower at All Costs

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