7 Reasons to Buy a Smart Pet Door For Your Cat Today

Written by Nicole Braganza
Published: September 8, 2023
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A smart pet door, also called an electronic pet door, uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify your pet cat’s presence and allow them access in or out of the home. These doors have advanced features, providing security and convenience for you and your pets. Here are seven reasons to buy a smart pet door for your cat.

Domestic cat using cat flap and comes out independently.

Cats enjoy the freedom offered by smart pet doors.


1. Convenience

A smart pet door offers unmatched convenience — the most obvious advantage of installing one — for cats and their owners. A common worry expressed by cat owners with busy schedules is that their fur baby feels bored at home. Additionally, cats don’t like to be trapped in confined spaces with no exit.
A smart pet door gives your cat the freedom to go outside, explore, and return when they are ready — regardless of whether the owner is home.

2. Pet Health

Cats, like dogs, benefit from fresh air, being surrounded by nature, and mental stimulation from the outdoors. A smart pet door means that cats can go outside on their own more frequently and get regular exercise, helping them maintain a healthy weight. Cats tend to sleep more and are not very social, so cat owners sometimes overlook exercise. However, it’s important to note that obese cats are more susceptible to heart issues, so they must exercise regularly. 

3. Pet Behavior 

Pets need a mentally stimulating environment. Cats maintain their natural behaviors, such as scratching, chewing, and elimination, while living indoors, and they may develop health and behavior problems when deprived of appropriate environmental outlets for these behaviors.

If left indoors for extended periods with no one to play with, cats that are used to going outdoors may feel bored or exhibit negative behaviors. Installing a smart pet door in your home lets them go outdoors at their convenience, thus contributing to their overall health and happiness.

A smart pet door also gives cats self-esteem, allowing them the freedom to get around the house and outdoors whenever they choose.

cat playing with a toy

A smart pet door could make your cats happier and improve their behavior.

©iStock.com/Svetlana Popova

4. Pet Safety

Animals left outdoors all day in hot weather may be prone to heat strokes and dehydration. A smart pet door enables access into the house so your cat can stay cool in summer. Likewise, kittens are vulnerable to cold weather. A smart pet door is an easy way to keep your pets safe in hot and cold weather.

Even if you aren’t keen on giving your pet access to carpeted areas of your home, a smart pet door lets them retreat to safety in case of bad weather. Many cats are terrified of thunder and might hurt themselves out of fear if left alone during a storm. 

5. Keeping Other Animals Out 

Installing a smart pet door is a convenient way to keep animals (other than your pet) out of your home. The problem with regular pet doors with plastic flaps or one that leaks air is that other animals might attempt to use it to enter your home. The likelihood of this happening is greater if you reside in a rural area.

6. Home Cleanliness

While we all love our pets, having to clean out cat litter twice a day is a nuisance and one of the downsides of pet ownership. It’s hard to keep your home fresh and clean at all times when you live with a pet. 

If you have a garden where your pet can get safe access to outdoor toilet options, a smart pet door can be a worthy investment. You won’t have to worry about restricting your cat’s access to bathroom breaks and your home won’t smell of cat litter. Cat feces may contain harmful bacteria that can be dangerous to pregnant women and children so giving your pet access to outdoor toilet options is ideal.

7. Curfew Timers

You might wish to keep your cat indoors during certain times in the day. A smart door with a curfew timer can be useful in such cases. A curfew timer can lock the door temporarily for a few hours and automatically unlock it when you’re ready to let your cat out.

This is especially useful if you want to keep cats inside the home at night but don’t want to wake up early to let them out in the morning.

What Should You Look For in an Electronic Pet Door?

Here are a few things to consider before you install a smart pet door (also called an electronic pet door).

Size: The opening size should be compatible with the size of your pet. If you have multiple pets, use the largest one as a benchmark. Most doors come with guidelines to help you choose the correct size.

Installation: Measure the door’s location, then refer to the manufacturer’s size specifications to ensure the smart pet door fits well.

Sensing system: Smart pet doors are designed to identify your cat’s microchip and open when your pet is near. However, if the door opens each time your pet walks by, it can be quite annoying. Make sure to buy a door with a directional sensor so it opens only when your pet walks toward it.

Access control: Some smart pet doors can be operated using a remote control. This allows you more control over opening, closing, and locking the door.

Quality construction: You want your smart pet door to stand the test of time, so choose one made with quality materials. 

The Best Cat Doors to Purchase

When you’re ready to purchase a smart cat door, we have rounded up a selection of the top choices. Click here to explore the best smart cat doors, reviewed and ranked. Here is a sneak peek at a couple we like:

PetSafe 4-Way Locking Microchip Entry Cat Door
  • Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • 12-month battery life
  • 4-way manual lock for easy entry
  • 2 magnetic locks ensure secure closure
  • Installs into wood, PVC and uPVC
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Best Collar-Activated
PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor
  • Uses radio-frequency technology in tandem with the smart collar
  • Five programmable options
  • Powered with four D batteries in addition to the included lithium-ion battery
  • Designed for pets that are up to four pounds
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Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap
  • Implanted microchip gives cats access to come and go.
  • Up to 30 cats can be added to the system.
  • Draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap and magnetic closure keeps other critters out.
  • Rotary four-way lock allows for control over your cats' movements.
  • Transparent polymer flap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will cats use pet doors?

Cats are curious creatures, so yes, they will use pet doors. Your feline friend is likely to be interested in a pet door, even if only to find out what lies on the other side of it. Don’t be surprised to find a cat meowing at a locked pet door until you open it; they are likely curious to see if another room differs from the one they are sitting in.

What are the benefits of a cat door?

A smart cat door allows your cat access to its litter box without interruption from a nosy dog. A small cat door could also offer cats a valuable escape route, preventing a larger pet from passing through it. Additionally, a cat door can be helpful if you’re trying to introduce a new pet to your household. 

What are the cons of cat doors?

Although smart pet doors are immensely convenient, in some instances, they may result in pet owners becoming disconnected from their pets. Pet owners may begin to feel like they need to spend less time with the animal, eventually adversely affecting the bond between the pet and its owner.  

Summary of Reasons to Buy a Smart Pet Door for Your Cat

1. ConvenienceCats can easily go outside and explore whenever they choose to.
2. HealthCats can go outside more frequently and get regular exercise, helping them maintain a healthy weight.
3. BehaviorGives cats self-esteem, allowing them the freedom to get around the house and outdoors.
4. SafetyYour cat can retreat to safety in case of bad weather.
5. Keeps Animals OutPrevents other animals from entering your home.
6. CleanlinessEasier to keep the home clean and free of cat litter odor.
7. CurfewLock modes and curfew timers can keep your pet indoors during select hours of the day.

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