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Recycle Your Bottles, Build A Boat!

Recycle Your Bottles, Build A Boat!

29th July 2010
Plastiki Sailed 15,000km from San Francisco to Sydney Harbour

It Sailed 15,000km
from San Francisco
to Sydney Harbour

A boat that has been made out of 12,500 plastic bottles has completed it's maiden voyage from San Francisco, arriving in Sydney Harbour on Monday with it's small crew of six, after a four-month long trip across the Pacific Ocean.

The boat was named Plastiki and was built using plastic bottles and organic glue, to raise awareness of the increasing environmental damage being caused by plastics around the world. Other parts of the catamaran, like the sails, are made out of recycled materials.

12,500 Plastic Bottles Used

12,500 Plastic
Bottles Used

During it's 15,000 km journey, Plastiki sailed past the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous floating rubbish tip that is made up of around 3.5 million tons of trash and contains everything from shoes and toys to bottles and bags.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is thought to be roughly the size of Texas, although estimates vary wildly due to the fact that the confetti-like plastic pieces are below the surface of the water and therefore hard to see. Their small size also means that numerous species ingest plastic and the chemicals it contains.

The 5 Ocean Gyres

The 5 Ocean

However, despite being the largest, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of five areas in the world's oceans where the currents have caused debris to collect in the same place (a gyre). Plastic does not decompose so every piece of plastic ever made will be on Earth forever, making it even more crucial to recycle it.

To find out more about the Five Gyres, please visit:Understanding Plastic Marine Pollution