Sailfish Shocks Fisherman with Easiest Catch Ever and Leaps into Boat

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 19, 2023
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If you’ve ridden on a highway, you’ve probably reached speeds of 70 miles per hour easily. Now, imagine a fish with a short, pointed upper jaw reaching those speeds underwater…

The sailfish is known as the fastest fish in the deep sea. Its name describes the sail-like dorsal fin on its back. Sailfish are considered game fish, and catching them is a huge thrill for recreational anglers.

In this video, two men can be seen immediately taken by a tug on the angler’s fishing line. The other man aboard watches intently to see what’s going on beneath the water.

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Recreational anglers are shocked when their catch complies and hops on board.

As the angler strikes and begins reeling his catch in, the second man attempts to support him by reaching over to his fishing pole. He ends up moving just beneath the fishing pole and reaches out to the fishing line with a bare hand.

Realizing his mistake, he moves toward the camera, where he picks a pair of gloves. A third man with another camera pops into view as the second man quickly puts his gloves on.

Meanwhile, the angler has kept his attention steady on his catch.

Suddenly, all three men in view are startled when the sailfish leaps onto the boat, tripping two of the three men as they make their way backward, toward the camera.

The sailfish flaps about wildly, covering the width of the boat as the men yelp with excitement. As the men take in the scene, the sailfish continues to thrash about on the boat for a bit before the men start moving to cut the line.

A fourth man appears on the scene to help get the sailfish back into the water. The men manage to get the line out of the way, and you can hear someone say, “That was awesome!” just behind the camera.

Then, the man with the gloves grabs the sailfish by its upper jaw, leverages the rest of the fish’s weight on the side of the boat, and hurls it back into the water.

The men erupt in laughter and celebratory howls as they high-five one another.  This is certainly the type of fishing trip story that will be told for decades (and to multiple generations) to come.

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