Sea Dog and Pet Dog Play Like Best Friends in the Water

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: September 10, 2022
© Rudmer Zwerver/
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Pups are adorable when they find something they have not seen before. In this gorgeous clip we see Drea the pup exploring the water at Newport Beach and finding a seal pup to play with. This pet dog is not going to forget this trip to the beach!

Glorious municipal Newport Beach in California has designated hours where dogs can run around and enjoy the sand and waves. There is also a dog park where our furry friends can roam off the leash with special doggy water fountains. This vid went viral after it was posted in 2015 and has had over a million views.

Pups Playing in Water

Dogs love to play in water! Drea, the pup in this vid, looks as if she has some German Shepherd in her lineage so she will have a high level of energy and will need a lot of exercise. German Shepherds are also working dogs and make excellent swimmers. They are naturally curious and a seal pup would be fascinating for them!

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We see Drea bouncing with excitement and barking which is a typical reaction for a dog. They bark when they are excited and this is usually a high-pitched bark when their ears are sticking straight up and their tail is wagging.

Seals Around California

The seal pup looks like they are having fun too! They swim up close to Drea and then speed away again as the dog struggles to get to them. There are plenty of places where you can spot seals in California including Monterey Bay and San Simeon as well as Newport Beach as featured in this vid. They are inquisitive and very social little creatures who often enjoy the company of humans and, it seems, dogs too! They were once over-hunted but now their numbers are rising. They are found widely in coastal waters all over the world and like to eat fish.

Many people get confused between seals and sea lions but there are some key differences.  Seal lions are bigger and live in colonies. They also have hind flippers that can rotate but seals have backward facing hind flippers. The body shape of a seal is more streamlined. As we can see in this footage, they can slice their way through water with ease and much too quickly for a pet dog to catch!

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