See a Border Collie Nearly Time Travel It’s Running So Fast

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: May 9, 2023
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Watch a border collie time travel in this amazing video! Border Collies love to run and play. They are a very active breed that benefits from regular exercise and plenty of space.

In this video, a Border Collie shows just how active and fast it can be. The video begins with the dog and its owner being affectionate. The owner, straddling a four-wheeler, gives the dog a couple of pets before sending it on its way. The dog takes off running, and the owner follows on the vehicle. The dog is already far ahead in just the few seconds it takes the owner to get going. You won’t believe how fast he’s going!

The four-wheeler catches up to the Border Collie, and they maintain a steady pace of around 30 km per hour. The Border Collie, Mungo, looks like he is enjoying the race!

Border Collie

See A Border Collie Time Travel in the below video!


Border Collies are also very intelligent and have a long tradition of being great herding dogs. At one point in the video, the dog slows and glances behind him to ensure that the four-wheeler can keep up. He also crosses in front of the four-wheeler to go down another road, perhaps their usual route. His owner whistles and Mungo comes right back alongside the four-wheeler, and they take off again.

The four-wheeler slows down when Mungo begins to get too close. The footage cuts out, likely when the four-wheeler stopped to ensure that both riders and dogs were safe. However, Mungo isn’t done having fun. He takes off running again! The owner chuckles and follows. In total, Mungo runs for over two minutes. He really seems to be enjoying the bright, sunny day and exercise.

The Video: Watch A Border Collie Time Travel

The photo featured at the top of this post is © studio hoto/

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