See a Chimp Fling a Pesky Raccoon Who Regrets Entering The Wrong Zoo Exhibit

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: August 21, 2023
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When we go to our local zoos, we expect to see things such as, well, animals, of course. They are each divided up based on species and their animal classification to make the zoo not only a safe place but also for easy navigation for families coming to the zoo.

What is not a typical occurrence is seeing two completely different animals in one zoo exhibit! And this is not at the hands of the zookeepers. This sneaky little raccoon found his way into a chimpanzee exhibit. This little fellow likely realized he was wrong to do this. Because at the start of the video, if we pause it at the very beginning, take a look around and see if you can spot the raccoon

You most likely could not find him because he is blending in so well! As the video goes on, we see the chimp in the center jump because he realizes there is a raccoon right beneath his feet. This is when the fight starts. All the chimps in the exhibit have now been alerted to his presence and are not putting up with this. They must get this pesky little fellow out as soon as possible. 

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As the raccoon runs around, looking for any avenue of escape, we see all these chimps band together to help one another disperse this animal out of their territory. This raccoon is willing to put up a fight that shocks the chimps. 

 If we pause the YouTube video shown below at 32 seconds, we see a chimp boldly grab this raccoon and fling him across the exhibit! It is quite shocking just how far this chimp was able to fling this raccoon. Although reaching the edge of the exhibit, he wasn’t thrown out of it. So, once he landed, the raccoon looked for any escape. He found a small escape hole. But, just as he reached it, the other chimps rallied around and grabbed him by the tail. They are determined that this raccoon not only needs to leave, but he needs to be punished first.

How Big Are Raccoons?


Raccoons live throughout the United States and parts of Canada. They are intelligent and resourceful animals, often raiding garbage cans and making happy homes in urban neighborhoods.


Raccoons weigh anywhere from 3.5-9 kilograms (7.7-19.8 pounds) and reach up to 24-38 inches in length. 

How Big Are Chimps?


The chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), also known as the common chimpanzee, robust chimpanzee, or simply “chimp”, is a species of great ape native to the forests and savanna of tropical



©Dhimas Satriaa/

Chimps can weigh anywhere from 32-59 kilograms (71-130 pounds) and reach up to 1-1.7 meters (3.25-5.5 feet) in length. 

So, as we can see, there is a sizeable difference in the size of a raccoon when compared to a chimp. So, it is not difficult for us to believe that a chimp would have the strength and stamina to be able to fling a raccoon that distance!

Check Out the Video Below!

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