See a Gigantic Squid Attack Paddle-Boarder and Steal Their Board

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: January 24, 2023
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There are about 300 different species of squid and some of them enjoy paddle boarding. Yes, they do! This is not a joke, and we have the video footage to prove it. In fact, more than 43 million people have viewed it so it is hardly a secret!

Squids Go Paddle Boarding

In this incredible video we see a curious squid take a shine to a paddle board. They don’t seem to be remotely interested in the human that is sitting on it and owns it. This squid is determined to find out more about this strange object in their patch of the ocean.

It may seem like an extraordinary event, but it is in keeping with what we know about squid. Unlike octopuses, they are free swimming and are often spotted by paddle boarders and surfers. They have two large eyes, one on each side of their head, so they have 360-degree vision and can easily spot human activity in the ocean. Other notable features are their arms (most have eight) and two longer tentacles. We get a great view of these in this vid.  They both have suckers and the squid uses them to explore their environment.

All new things are interesting to a clever squid. They have 500 million neurons which is more than rats and mice and is about the same as a dog! They are not, however, quite as intelligent as octopuses!

Hunting Prey

Although the paddle boarder was never in any danger here, squids are true carnivores and go hunting for prey. They eat fish, crabs, shrimp, and oysters. Some squids have sharp hooks on their tentacles that allow them to grip their prey tightly. Then, they use their tough beaks kill and eventually eat their prey. Perhaps the most unusual feeding style belongs to the vampire squid. These guys live on bits of dead organic material.

The general rule is that bigger squid will hunt bigger prey but none would take on a human. There are myths about shoals of squid-eating fishermen that have fallen into the sea but these are unlikely to be based on reality. This does not mean that squid are not quite scary – especially when they try to steal your paddle board from underneath you! The largest squid ever recorded weighed more than 1,000 pounds (that’s almost the same as a grizzly bear) and squids as long as 49 feet have been recorded. Truly terrifying!

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