See a Golden Retriever Having A Carefree Day In the Pool Will Not Leave His Little Paradise

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: October 13, 2023
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We’re all just trying to hold onto the last days of summer. Duke the golden retriever takes it to the next level, getting in the pool first thing in the morning. His owner, however, isn’t as amused.

“Duke, it is Wednesday morning at 7:00 in the morning,” she says, walking toward the pup. Duke just lounges, one paw resting on the side of the pool. “You are not supposed to be in the pool.”

The happy dog responds with a gleeful lick and turns his head away. He must be hoping for a buddy to swim and play with but his owner isn’t having it.

“We’re not playin ball,” she says. “We need to get out. We need to get out right now.”

And what does Duke do? He pushes off the side and goes further into the pool. This golden retriever is not about to let someone spoil his summer fun.

His owner tries everything to get Duke out of the pool. She keeps a calm and steady voice throughout the hilarious clip. Duke also stays calm, just a few feet away from her in the center of the pool. As she continues to call him over, saying things like “come” and “let’s go,” Duke just looks at her. He doesn’t seem fazed by the demands to get out of the pool.

The video clip ends on a cliffhanger. Did Duke get out of the pool? Or did his owner give in and join him, taking a pool break on a Wednesday morning? We may not know for sure but we do know that when it was finally Saturday, we bet Duke and his owner were both happy to get to relax and play together.

Golden Retriever is swimming with his little red lighthouse.

Golden retrievers love to swim, especially when they can play with toys.


Is This Normal Golden Retriever Behavior?

Dogs all have their own personalities and it’s clear that Duke is a bit mischievous. He also really likes his ball and to play, two characteristics common in golden retrievers. These dogs are also one of the easier breeds to train. While it makes sense that Duke would be familiar with going after his ball and even getting in and out of the pool, it is a bit unusual that he doesn’t come when called. Guess we have his stubborn personality to thank for that!

Goldens also tend to like water more than other dog breeds. Based on his behavior and unwillingness to get out of the pool, we can see that Duke is clearly one of these water-loving dogs. He has a ball that he plays within the pool, which he looks at longingly as his owner tells him to get out.

Watch the Adorable Video


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