See a Koi Fish Eat From a Spoon Like Its Breakfast Cereal

Written by Chris Madden
Published: August 25, 2023
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This Koi is Spoiled, Being Spoon-Fed Its Food Like an Infant!

Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing video below. It offers a delightful peek into the life of a pampered aquatic resident. First the massive koi takes center stage, capturing hearts. Then, its mouth is wide agape, reminiscent of a human infant. It indulges in an extravagant feeding ritual. The scene unfolds with meticulous care. Fish food pellets are lovingly delivered into the koi’s mouth using a spoon. This echoes the tender act of feeding a baby.

koi fish food

Feeding koi carp by hand isn’t uncommon, as these beautiful fish have become treasured pets to many owners.

©Paul van den Berg/

What makes this koi special? It’s not just its behavior, but its sheer size. It’s a clear testament to a life of opulent excess. The fish’s immense proportions leave no doubt. It leads an indulgent existence. The video showcases a feeding moment. It also provides a window into the luxurious world of pet care. Even underwater companions can revel in luxury. Witness this aquatic spectacle and feel both amusement and astonishment. The sheer extravagance lavished upon this finned connoisseur is mesmerizing.

How Long Have People Been Keeping Koi as Pets?

For centuries, humans have nurtured companionship with koi. The history traces back to ancient times. Koi originated in Eastern Asia, especially Japan and China. Keeping them as pets has a rich history. During the 17th century, people initially bred koi for their vibrant colors. They found their way into ornamental ponds, becoming symbols of prosperity in Japanese culture. The bond between humans and koi deepened over the years. These graceful fish evolved from decorations to cherished pets. They’re now integral to serene outdoor landscapes.

Doitsu koi fish swimming among other koi fish- one of the most expensive koi fish

Over hundreds of years, breeders have developed remarkably colored koi with bright, shiny scales, resulting in beautiful fish.


As centuries passed, koi embarked on a global journey. Their beauty captivated enthusiasts worldwide. Their graceful movement and diverse colors crossed cultural boundaries. Koi became a beloved addition to aquatic environments. From ancient emperors to modern hobbyists, the enduring connection between humans and koi persists. It’s a testament to the charm these aquatic companions bring to our lives.

How Long Can Koi Fish Survive in Captivity?

Koi fish earn renown for their vibrant hues and graceful presence. They’re equally notable for their impressive lifespan. Surprisingly, these captivating aquatic creatures thrive for decades. The average life expectancy ranges from 25 to 35 years. However, in optimal conditions, some koi surpass the century mark. Indeed, these beautiful fish reach a remarkable age of 100 years. This longevity positions koi fish as enduring symbols of culture and tranquility. They embody resilience and beauty in the common placement of aquatic displays or ponds.

Witness this Pampered Fish Get Treated Like a Prince!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © paulacobleigh/ via Getty Images

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