See a Lion Casually Sneak Into a Safari Lodge and Relax by the Pool

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 19, 2023
© Riaan van den Berg/
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You probably thought that going on safari is all about joining animals in their habitats. But according to this lion, it also means that they can join you in yours! In fact, as far as this lion is concerned, the safari lodge pool is actually part of their territory and they can do what they like in it!

Lions by the Pool

Not what you would expect to find by the resort pool – but exciting nevertheless. This incredible footage was posted on Instagram by an African travel company. It starts with an adult male lion stooping to take a drink from the safari lodge swimming pool. With the caption ‘This is a little bit scary’, the cameraman keeps a respectful distance as the lion finishes his drink. But does he head off back into the bush? No, he does not! He saunters over to a comfortable looking area close to pool, settles down and chills. That should put a few guests off taking a dip!

Male Lion Roaring
Lions are very territorial animals and both males and females will protect territories

©Shawn Levin/

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Lions and Their Territory

Lions are territorial animals. They prey on the animals that are available within that territory which could be gazelle, buffalo, wildebeests, giraffes, zebra, warthogs and several antelope species. Lions are not above stealing the prey of other animals too!

It is mainly the females that do the hunting and the group of females (the pride) works as a team. Once the prey is caught, they allow the males to share it. Male lions will also hunt either alone or in pairs, but their main role is to protect the territory from other animals.

Lion territories can be smaller (15 square miles) but can be hundreds of square miles. It depends on how much prey is available and access to dens and a water supply. They are handed down the female line of lions and generations of females stay in the same territory. Females also join in the defense of territory when they need to. Larger prides are able to challenge smaller prides for their territories and take over the resources. Perhaps this lion has decided that this pool area is now part of his territory- let’s hope that he does not spray it with urine to confirm that!

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Pride of lions in grass
Lions are well camouflaged in long grass
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