See A Lion Cub Adorably Bully A Baby Tiger, and Then Sit on Her

Written by Crystal
Published: February 4, 2023
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Get ready to witness the cutest battle of all time in this hilarious video! Two adorable cubs, a lion, and a tiger duke it out when one finishes its food before the other. Read on to find out who wins this intense battle of cuteness!

The video opens with two adorable cubs, and it’s eating time. It’s hard to decide who’s cuter – the fluffy lion or the tiny tiger. The lion looks about twice the size of the tiger, but they’re both very young.

Since they’re eating meat, we can guess the lion is at least six months old, and the tiger is probably at least two months old. Lions start transitioning to eating meat when they’re half a year old. But tiger cubs eat meat as young as 8 weeks old.

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When they’re first born, lions and tigers don’t have any teeth. They rely on milk from their mother as nourishment and develop small, fragile milk teeth. Eventually, they replace their milk teeth with strong adult teeth that can rip large chunks of meat.

The video continues with both cubs wholly absorbed in their meal, burying their head in their bowls. If you’ve seen kittens feeding, it looks a lot like that! The bowls are moving around, and the little cubs are eagerly chowing down. Nothing else matters to them other than their food.

Trouble starts when the lion finishes his meal first. His bowl is empty, but the tiger cub still has some food left in hers. Faced with an empty bowl, the lion cub takes matters into its own hands and makes a grab for the tiger’s food!

Lions are notorious food stealers, and it looks like this cub is no exception. Lions are happy to steal food from hyenas, leopards, painted dogs, and cheetahs. Tigers, on the other hand, prefer to eat their kills, only stealing food when they have to.

The lion cub tackles the tiger, his mind set on eating her food. The tiger cub has something to say about it and tries to fight off the greedy lion. It’s an adorable battle of tiny roars and kitty squeals.

Despite its size, the little tiger in this video keeps up with its larger opponent, displaying incredible agility and determination. She tries all sorts of different moves to try and gain an advantage over the lion. She seems skilled at wrestling the bigger cub, and that’s because it’s in her nature.

Young lion playing with tiger cub
Tigers spend a lot of time playing, stalking, pouncing, and swatting as babies which helps them develop important survival skills.

©Borkin Vadim/

When they’re babies, tigers spend a lot of time playing, stalking, pouncing, and swatting. The skills they develop from play help them survive in the wild. But is it enough to help this tiger cub save her lunch? Nope!

The lion cub makes the winning move when it sits on the tiger’s head. It’s a hilarious sight, and you can’t help but laugh. What a pair!

This video is the ultimate reminder that lions and tigers may be fierce predators but are still kittens deep down. See for yourself- watch the video below to see these two cuties.

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Tiger cub and lion cub
Tiger cub and lion cub snuggling together.
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