See a Lion Jump Like a Basketball Superstar and Grab a Baboon From a Tree

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Written by Crystal

Updated: August 2, 2023

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Watch a hungry lion snag a quick monkey snack!

In this short video, you’ll see a lion grabbing a young baboon out of a tree! Lions usually attack monkeys when they’re on the ground, making this footage even more special.

Throughout the video, you can hear the older baboons screeching at the lion, hoping to scare it away. But this hungry cat isn’t going to take no for an answer. Follow along as we uncover exactly what it looks like when a lion leaps into the air for a quick monkey meal.

Young Baboon Is Stuck Hanging From Limb

When the video starts, you see a young baboon hanging from a tree. It’s stuck in the worst position possible. Directly below the troubled monkey sits a hungry lion, and they’re ready to pounce. Lions can leap up to 36 feet, and the big cat in this video has its sights set on the dangling monkey.

Throughout the video, you can listen to the distressing calls of the other primates. Baboons travel in groups called troops; doing so helps improve their chances of survival. The screeches could be the monkeys urging the young baboon to make a run (or climb) for it!

Or maybe the primates are making one last attempt to scare the hungry predator away. Unfortunately, the screeches aren’t effective. The young baboon stays hanging there, either stuck or frozen in fear.

Where exactly is the lion? The video doesn’t have the highest quality, so you’ll have to look closely first to see the big cat. But once they make their move, it’ll be obvious what you’re looking at.

After a few seconds, the video explodes into action. The large lion starts on the ground near the trunk of the tree. Then they quickly leap up, climbing high enough to grab the monkey.

Do Lions Usually Eat Monkeys?

It’s not uncommon for lions to eat monkeys. They’re a fast, yummy meal, and there’s relatively no chance of getting hurt. Baboons are big and have fangs, but they’re not as dangerous as some of the large animals lions like to hunt.

Lions usually wait for baboons to be on the ground before pouncing. But the big cat in this video is taking advantage of a good opportunity. The young baboon is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hanging from the tree, the poor monkey doesn’t stand a chance.

Why Doesn’t the Troop Attack?

Why doesn’t the troop attack the lion? Baboons are one of the world’s largest monkeys, but they can’t beat a lion. Once the lion is close enough to pounce, it’s game over for the young monkey.

These large monkeys avoid contact with adult lions when they can. However, sometimes baboons will sneak into a lion’s den and kill one of their cubs to prevent it from becoming a threat.

The video comes to a swift end when the lion makes their move. Grabbing the baboon in its mouth, the big cat jumps off the tree and disappears into the wild. See the incredible lion footage for yourself in the video below.

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