See a Pack of Wolves Try to Steal This Man’s Bed From Underneath Him

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: November 24, 2022
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Sometimes, unusual occurrences make you question everything you know about human nature and animal behavior. This video captures such an occurrence, provoking a wide variety of emotions, especially confusion and fear. It’s also quite entertaining. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a pack of Arabian wolves try to steal a bed from someone that is apparently sleeping out in the middle of the desert.

The video begins with the camera panning from the top of a carpet, a rudimentary bed, to the bottom. The carpet is being tugged by something. When the camera reaches the bottom of the bed, it reveals that it’s a large canine tugging on the carpet. The wolf isn’t alone, though. Several pairs of eyes reflect the camera’s light. They’re Arabian wolves, an incredibly rare species that may only have about 3,000 members living in the wild.  

eurasian wolf running
Some wolves can run up to 38 mph.

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Wolves Try to Steal a Bed and the Human Can’t Do Anything

Fortunately, these wolves try to steal the man’s bed rather than attack him. Of course, it’s rare for Arabian wolves to attack people at all. They target small mammals rather than large ones, including humans.

Still, it must be alarming to see two wolves tugging on the carpet while others wait in the distance. The wind picks up about halfway through the video, obscuring the dogs in the flying dust and sand. After the gust dies down, the camera pans to the wolves again. They’re busy tearing at the edges of the carpet, not worrying about the human at all.

At this point, questions start to arise. For one thing, why is a man sleeping on a makeshift bed in the middle of the desert? Was this an act of desperation? For another thing, we have to wonder why this person is not alarmed by the presence of at least four wolves in his vicinity.

One theory is that the man is so scared of the situation that all he does is film the wolves and hope that they leave him alone. Attacking the wolves could provoke them and lead to harm.

Of course, the last question is: why do the wolves try to steal the man’s bed? They could be seeking shelter from the storm. After all, blowing sand and dirt isn’t something that any creature wants to deal with at night.

The video continues with one of the wolves settling into the bed with the man, continuing to tear at the carpet. The wolf tears a good portion of the bedding away before the video cuts out. The video ends with a lack of context or resolution. We have no idea what prompted the video, but we’re glad to have seen it.

All we know is that a human survived a very close encounter with a few potentially violent mammals, and they’re probably glad to have survived the experience.

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