See A Real Life Tarzan Grab A Python By The Face Barehanded

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 24, 2023
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Key Points

  • In the video, a muscular man walks through a thick forest in Sampit and spies a huge python on the ground. He then lifts it up without a second thought.
  • Pythons can grow up to 33 feet long and weight up to 250 pounds.
  • While pythons are non venomous, they can quickly kill their prey (including humans) by wrapping them with their coils and constricting their blood flow.

Sampit is a city in Central Kalimantan’s East Kotawaringin Regency. It was once a timber port town but has now developed into a medium-sized city with 166,773 inhabitants, as per Statistics Indonesia.

A video of a group in the jungle in the beloved town showcases the differences between man and beast. The protagonist in this story is a muscular man that we’ll call Tarzan. What you’re about to read and see shows just how deserving he is of this famous title! 

While walking in the dense forest, this man spots a massive python on the wooded earth floor. Without a second thought, he lifts up the serpent as the cameraman is left speechless by the interaction. 

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The world’s largest snakes include various varieties of python. These huge, non-venomous reptiles can vary from 23 inches to 33 feet in length, and they might weigh anywhere between 7 ounces to 250 pounds.

Pythons can use their large size to slither their bodies up trees to hunt and stay safe.

©Heiko Kiera/

The one in this video looks to be on the larger end of the scale, as the muscular man has a difficult time lifting it. Tarzan has his hands wrapped around the snake’s neck as he says, “I can’t let this guy go because he will mess me up.” 

Although extremely uncommon, pythons have been known to kill humans. Occasionally, if the conditions are ideal, it occurs. Often, it simply takes the right combination of circumstances for a large, hungry snake to approach a group of people. However, these snakes do not typically consume humans as prey.

Powerful Creatures

Pythons are non-venomous snakes, relying entirely on their powers of constriction to kill their prey.

©Megan Czarnocki/

The man in the video mentions multiple times to steer clear of the coils, as once the snake wraps around you, it’s bad news bears. The longest-living species of snake on the planet, the reticulated python, is a constrictor, which means it coils around its victims and squeezes them until they die in a matter of minutes. The majority of the time is spent swallowing.

“Big pythons are incredibly powerful animals with huge muscles to both move, eat, and constrict,” said Stephen Ressel, a professor at the College of Atlantic. “They certainly can pack a huge force as they’re constricting.

Thankfully, Tarzan and all those around him make it out of the jungle safely. While we’re unsure of specifics, it appears this man knows a thing or two about pythons and has plenty of experience with them. 

If you’re ever in the wild and spot a large snake like the one in this video, do not approach it. It can quickly wrap around you before you’re even aware of what’s taking place. Let’s respect animals in their natural habitat and live vicariously through people in videos like this one!

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