See a Surprised Shark Snatched, Twisted and Dragged Into a Reef by a Huge Moray Eel

Written by Chris Madden
Published: August 21, 2023
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Shark Gets Surprised and Snatched By a Giant Moray Eel

In the gripping underwater scene below, a colossal moray eel springs forth from a concealed hollow within a sprawling coral and rock enclave. Its target is unmistakably clear—a struggling shark. Just before the start of the video, the eel’s lightning-fast lunge catches the shark off guard. This immediately thrusts them into a fierce struggle for survival. As the battle unfolds, the shark fiercely resists, its powerful tail swishing vigorously in an attempt to break free from the eel’s vice-like grip.

However, the moray eel’s superior strength and mastery of its domain prove insurmountable. With remarkable ease, it gains the upper hand, tugging the struggling shark towards a shadowy crevice within the coral fortress. Despite the shark’s valiant efforts, its resistance weakens. This weakening occurs against the relentless force of the eel’s sinewy form.

Largest eels - Giant Moray

A Giant Moray Eel opens its intimidating jaws, which it snaps up prey with with lightning fast reflexes.

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As the enthralling contest rages on, the shark’s body gradually vanishes into the eel’s coils. The engulfing darkness swallows them whole. Yet, just when it seems the battle has concluded, the eel’s head reemerges from the crevice. It bears the shark’s body, now almost fully within its cavernous mouth. The once-proud predator has been reduced to a mere meal, a stark testament to the harsh laws of nature.

What Else Do Moray Eels Eat, If They’ll Even Devour Sharks!

Moray eels possess sinuous bodies and voracious appetites. They are formidable predators in the underwater realm. These carnivorous creatures primarily feast on fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. Their diet sustains their predatory lifestyle. Swiftly lurking within crevices and rocky hideouts, moray eels lie in wait. They anticipate unsuspecting prey venturing close. Using their rocky homes for ambush attacks, they launch at prey, like the smaller shark observed in the thrilling video below. 

Undulated moray eel Oahu, Hawaii

A moray eel peaks out from its home in a rocky crevice, scanning for potential prey.


As their prey nears, moray eels employ powerful jaws to seize it. With a set of spiny sharp teeth, They often engulf it whole due to their impressive gape. A keen sense of smell aids them in detecting potential meals from a distance. This skill helps them find concealed prey. Elusive hunters adapt to marine environments—coral reefs to rocky coastlines. This ensures a steady supply of nourishment for their relentless predatory lifestyle.

Moray Eels: How Long Do They Get, And How Long Do They Live?

Large moray eels command attention due to their impressive size and remarkable longevity. They can attain lengths of up to 10 feet or more, showcasing their substantial presence in aquatic ecosystems. As they inhabit various underwater habitats, such as coral reefs and rocky crevices, their size grants them dominance. They establish authority over their surroundings. So in terms of lifespan, moray eels exhibit astonishing endurance, often living for decades. Some species thrive for over 30 years, a testament to their adaptability and survival in challenging marine environments of the oceans. This extended lifespan enables moray eels to become integral components of ecosystems. They contribute to the intricate balance of marine life throughout their lengthy existence.

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