See a Wombat and Kangaroo Become Inseparable Best Buds

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. You will see perhaps the cutest, furriest, most cuddly animals ever. If you are prone to not wanting to see cuteness, do not watch the video below. 

Okay, but all jokes aside, this is perhaps the most adorable video we have come across in our search for animals. And to make matters even worse, they have adorable names! The wombat was named Wally, and the kangaroo was named Buggy. We’ve all heard of inseparable friends. Two friends that can’t possibly ever be without each other. And if you haven’t heard of it before, you will see these two animals are inseparable friends. 

The Video

The video posted below is shared by The Dodo YouTube channel, which is a channel that is dedicated to sharing everything about animals. They desire to share their love of animals with everyone and to keep their well-being in mind. This specific video has reached over nine million views. Their description of what happens in the video is the following. 

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“Wally the wombat and Buggy the kangaroo lost their moms when they were just babies. When they arrived at Lindoway Farm in Australia, it was love at first sight.”

At the start of the video posted below, we see both Wally the wombat and Buggy the kangaroo close together. The kangaroo is all over the wombat, wanting to get some attention and love. The commentators quickly remark, “Who would ever have thought a wombat and a kangaroo would be such great pals?” After all, these two animals are so diversely different. But, hey, as the phrase goes, “opposites attract” is so true. 

At 36 seconds, these two animals are brought inside for what is called “pouch time.” And we see the kangaroo climb into a small sling with a pouch. The wombat eagerly waits for this kangaroo to finish with its pouch time.

How Big Do Wombats Get?

Are Marsupials Mammals

As a marsupial, the wombat has a backward-facing pouch where the young develop. The direction of the pouch means the joey is protected from dirt if the mother is digging.

©Sander Groffen/

Even though these two animals look like they are the same size, they are far from the same size once they are fully grown! The wombat (Vombatus ursinus) of the family Vombatidae can weigh anywhere from 44-77 pounds

How Big Do Kangaroos Get?

Kangaroo Mother, Common wallaroo (Macropus robustus), with a Baby Joey in the Pouch

Kangaroos can run 35 miles per hour.

©Nick Fox/

While this kangaroo looks smaller than the wombat in the video, it can get much larger than the above-mentioned wombat. 

Kangaroos of the family Macropodidae can weigh anywhere from 40-200 pounds

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

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