See Adorable Footage of Grizzly Cub Tumbling Down a Waterfall

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Published: August 11, 2022
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People go from all over the globe to see brown bears in Alaska‘s Brooks Camp, which is located at the mouth of the Brooks River and the coast of Naknek Lake. Thanks to technology, you can get a glimpse of the grizzlies from the comfort of your home with the location’s popular bear camera. 

When visiting or watching online, you can witness salmon hopping up the waterfalls, while brown bears contend with one another for the best hunting spots. Over 30 salmon, more than 120 pounds, can be caught and consumed daily by the biggest and most successful bears! Bears are most numerous near Brooks Falls in late June and July during the sockeye salmon migration.

During one person’s trip to the camp, they watched a family of grizzlies enjoy the water. A momma bear appears to be hunting for lunch, while two adorable cubs sit on the nearby slippery rocks. 

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Grizzly bear eating a fish
Momma bear was focused on catching and eating up to 120 pounds of salmon when her cub tumbled over a waterfall!


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It doesn’t take much for one of the cubs to fall into the water. He was simply trying to get a better view of his mom when he suddenly plopped into the rushing stream. Bears may readily float because of their high-fat content and slick coat. Once a bear cub weighs 30 pounds, it is expected that it will begin to swim independently.

One of the adult bears quickly rushes down the waterfall to the helpless cub and nudges him towards the rocky shore. We’re thankful the water isn’t too deep at the base of the falls and the cub could shake off the frightening experience.

Once the entire family is back on land, the adult bear looks around, almost appearing like they’re deciding if it’s worth it to go back to hunting. The cubs seem to be unscathed and ready to play. 

Mother bears are known to protect their cubs at all costs. They tend to keep a close watch on them until they’re about two years old. Grizzly bears are a representation of all that is cherished about the great outdoors and living in the wilderness. They are respected for their ferocity and raw power. The grizzly bear is a very attentive animal mother due to similar qualities.

Once their mother leaves them, sibling grizzlies frequently remain together for some time while feeding, sleeping, and even denting. Sub-adult females frequently create home ranges that are similar to or intersect with those of their mothers. It’s not uncommon for large areas to be populated with several sects of related bears, even after cubs leave home. 

Is Brooks Camp somewhere you’d ever want to visit? If you’re looking for an up-close-and-personal experience with brown bears, consider booking a trip or checking out videos like the one below! 

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