See an Alligator Scratch and Claw Its Way Inside South Carolina Home

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Wildlife of Florida Urban Areas American Alligators in Central Florida in rural Florida
© Benjamin Klinger/

This next video that we have found takes us to the great state of South Carolina. There are many animals that native South Carolina residents assume to see outside their homes. The most famous animal being the state animal of South Carolina, the white-tailed deer. Other animals that are most common to be seen are turkeys, bobcats, and the alligator snapping turtle. However, for this one resident in a suburban neighborhood, they got more than they bargained for. 

Channel ABC News reported back in May of 2016 that a neighbor, Gary Rogers, was walking his dog one day. When he suddenly looked over at his neighbor’s yard, he saw a large alligator walking through the yard. Shocked, he immediately took out his cell phone to capture an image. But, as he saw this alligator wasn’t merely passing through, he decided to start filming to see what this alligator might do.

The news reported that at one point, the alligator even tried to climb over the fence in this neighbor’s backyard to get into her pool. When that didn’t work, the neighbor saw the alligator saunter back over to the front yard. Walking through the perfectly good flower bed, the alligator walked right up to the front door. Then the alligator stood up on its hind legs and started to climb the door! 

If we pause the video at 42 seconds, we see the alligator press his large U-shaped nose against the doorbell as if he wants to be let in. Lucky for the owner of this house, she was not home at the time of the incident. Can you imagine if she were? And hearing the doorbell, I would have gone to answer the door, only to be met by a large reptile looking to perhaps share some afternoon snacks with her.

The news later caught up with the owner of the house, who was at work during the incident. She showed how there were claw marks on the door where the alligator attempted to get in. 

Is it Normal Behavior For Alligators To Go Near Humans?


Alligators will generally flee when faced with a human and will rarely chase or attack.

©Jim Schwabel/

The short answer here is no, it isn’t. Alligators have a natural and well-established fear of humans. Common alligator behavior includes a quick retreat when approached. It is extremely rare for alligators to be attacked and become aggressive towards people. However, while chasing is super rare, it does happen and it’s important to note that alligators can run about 35 miles an hour in short bursts on land.

Some signs of alligators include large indents or land gouges on the ground, along with sliding marks usually upon reentry into water.

Furthermore, alligators spend a huge amount of their time sunbathing on shore, so it can be easier to spot them if they are on land than submerged in murky swamps.

How Large are Alligators Feet?

Alligator okefenokee swamp

The American alligator was once an endangered species, thanks to hunting and habitat loss. However, legal protections have allowed these reptiles to rebound and thrive.

©Leafyplant at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

The American alligator can weigh up to 800 pounds and reach lengths of 15 feet long. Their webbed feet continue to grow as they grow and mature into adulthood. According to the Winterberry Wildlife, alligator “front tracks measure up to about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Hind tracks measure up to about 8 inches long and 5 and 1/3 inches wide. “ 

With these types of tracks, it is no wonder the alligator left some marks behind on this woman’s door. 

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