See Beautiful Footage of Reindeer Frolicking Under The Northern Lights

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: December 20, 2022
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It’s on the top of many people’s bucket lists – seeing the Aurora borealis in person. There are few places where this phenomenon happens as brilliantly as it does in Senja, Norway. A video posted on Twitter shows just how astonishing it is! 

Also known as the Northern Lights, the Aurora borealis is an atmospheric occurrence that is revered as the skywatcher’s Holy Grail. The magnetic field of our planet shields us from the bombardment of energetic solar particles, which may travel up to 45 million miles per hour in the upper atmosphere. 

As Earth’s magnetic field leads the particles toward the poles, the dramatic process develops into a spectacular atmospheric phenomenon that astonishes and excites both scientists and amateur astronomers.

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NASA is looking for hints as to how the northern lights function. The Parker Solar Probe, which is presently encircling the sun and will ultimately come near enough to “touch” the corona, was deployed by the space agency in 2018. The satellite will gather data there that may provide additional insight into the Aurora borealis. 

The popular Aurora Borealis Observatory uploaded a powerful video that showcases that we humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the light show. In the footage, there are beautiful reindeer on the snowy hillside. 

Reindeer Facts

Reindeer are frequently featured in holiday music and artwork. They fly, have red noses, pull Santa’s sleigh, and have quirky names such as Prancer. The deer family includes both reindeer and caribou, which are the same species (Rangifer tarandus). They are referred to as reindeer in Europe. 

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In North America, reindeer are also called caribou. Both the males and females grow antlers.

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The gorgeous animal is referred to as a caribou in North America. Only the hilly southern regions of Norway, beginning in Sr-Trndelag and moving south, are home to the country’s wild reindeer. Svalbard reindeer can also be found on the Svalbard islands, in addition to the wild reindeer on the Norwegian mainland.

Reindeer are, on the whole, really amazing animals. Climate change, oil extraction, and other factors brought on by humans also pose a threat to them. They will undoubtedly require our support and gratitude for many more holiday seasons to come.

The sole deer species with a snout entirely covered in fur is the reindeer. Their unique nose, which is also a great sniffer, aids in warming inbound cold air before it reaches their lungs. The reindeer’s keen sense of smell enables them to find nourishment underneath the snow, identify threats, and choose which way to travel. 

Caribou generally move in the direction of the wind so they may detect odors. In herds of 10 to several hundred, these social creatures move, eat, and nap together all day. They can group together in super-herds of 50,000 to 500,000 reindeer in the spring. When food is scarce in the winter, the herds typically follow sources of food and may wander up to 1,000 miles south.

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