See Inside Japan’s First Class Private Overnight Train

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 12, 2022
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There are a plethora of ways to see the world. Planes, automobiles, and ships are popular methods of travel. People have been using trains to get around for decades. While you can hop on your city’s train to get from one stop to another, there are luxurious overnight locomotives that will have you feeling like royalty. 

The West Express Ginga is a brand-new long-distance train that was developed with the idea of allowing everyone—from families with kids to senior citizens—to enjoy rail travel. The automobile’s rich hue, lapis navy blue, represents the sea and sky that are so well-known in western Japan. People’s urge to travel far away is stimulated by the long lines that stretch down the sides of the carriages, which provide the impression of long-distance travel.

Solo Solo travel is a popular Youtube channel that brings us along for a journey inside the West Express Ginga’s first-class cabin from Izumo to Kyoto. The interior of the train has undergone extensive renovations with a variety of seating and sleeping options to meet various financial needs, as well as several free sections that customers are free to use however they see fit.

Car one and car six are specifically for first-class passengers. With 3 couchettes and 14 reclining second-class seats, the second vehicle is exclusively for women. In addition, there are restrooms exclusively for ladies and changing areas. Second-class Car 3 has 20 reclining seats and two compartments with four beds for families. 

All passengers can use the free space in the fourth car. There are many different chairs, tables, and table games available for enjoyment. There are 18 couchettes in car 5, one of which is handicap accessible. 

First Class Room Tour

Inside the first-class cabin, you’ll find blackout curtains to ensure you get a proper night’s sleep. The room is equipped with your own personal air conditioning and heating units to keep you comfortable during your journey. 

There is plenty of adjustable lighting to set the mood during all times of day or night. The two USB outlets and two power outlets come in handy for anyone traveling with devices. There are two couches for you to enjoy while looking out the huge windows at the passing countryside. 

The couches converge to create a full bed, complete with fresh sheets, multiple blankets, and pillows. People from all over the world appreciate channels like Solo Solo Travel that allow them to see other countries from the comfort of their own homes. 

The detailed video shows you everything from a room tour to a complete train tour and all the stops along the way. Prices for train tickets aren’t always affordable for the everyday person. If you want to experience a train ride without leaving the house, take a look at the video linked below! 

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