See Olobor, the Fearless Lion Attack Over 20 Hyenas

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 20, 2023
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Male lions tend to leave the hunting to the females. A lioness is more agile and works as part of a team with other females to surround and overwhelm prey. When a male lion does go on the attack, however, they have the huge advantages of power and strength.

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In this very special footage filmed in Masai Mara in Africa, we see a male lion called Olobor take on a pack of over 20 hyenas and the outcome is striking!

Olobor Takes on the Hyenas

At the start of the footage, we see the magnificent lion showing his disdain for the hyenas by turning his back on them. He is so unthreatened by their presence that he doesn’t even feel as if he needs to keep an eye on them!

We learn from the video notes that Olobor fears no animal and is always ready to defend his territory. A few moments later, a commotion starts up amongst the hyenas. You can hear them calling frantically and racing around. If you look carefully, you can see the lion in the middle of them. He lunges at one hyena after another but they are managing to dodge out of the way at the last minute.

The whole pack realizes that they are in danger and are trying to work together to keep everyone safe. You can hear the lion’s low growl amongst the hyenas’ high-pitched calls. Sadly, one young hyena has been seriously injured in the brawl with the lion and comes limping toward the camera. There is obvious blood on their coat. The hyena is panting hard and looks to be in a lot of pain – and very stunned. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack is still distracting the huge lion – but not for long.

Olobor spots the small hyena, now isolated from the pack, and makes his move. With a quick trot and a powerful lunge, he grasps the stricken hyena’s neck in his powerful jaws and rolls it along the ground. The lion, however, does not get things all his own way. Larger hyenas attack him from behind, biting at his legs and back so that he has to release his prey to chase them off. Several of the older hyenas also look as if they are injured and limping after this frantic encounter. The conclusion, sadly, is inevitable and the lion settles down to enjoy his meal. The hyena pack sense that there is no hope and keep their distance.


Hyenas are medium-sized, four-legged


with what looks like a scruffy coat of fur.

©Vladimir Turkenich/

Hyena’s Lifestyle

Hyenas are medium-sized, four-legged mammals with what looks like a scruffy coat of fur. They also look as if they are a cross between a cat and a dog! There are several different types of hyenas living in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Habitats of hyenas include open savanna plains and grassland. Some types of hyenas hunt larger animals whilst others live off termites.

One notable feature of hyenas is that they hate lions! I think we all know that after watching this video!

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