See Pure Nightmare Fuel as Man Finds a Cobra in His Toilet

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: December 15, 2022
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If you happened upon a cobra in your toilet, would your first instinct be to antagonize it with a clothing hanger? Yeah, me neither. But the man in this clip has decided that’s the best course of action for the moment. This cobra is coiled into the toilet bowl — there’s no water in it and it’s quite dirty throughout as if it hasn’t been used for a while.

The man bangs the clothes hanger on the seat of the toilet a few times and the cobra responds, clearly annoyed. The man takes a few steps back and continues watching it. The person holding the camera gets closer to the cobra. The cobra whips its head around and has a staredown with the camera.

Head on view of king cobra against a green background
Head on view of king cobra against a green background. Its fangs and split tongue are visible.


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It strikes a few times, protecting its newfound home. You watch as it keeps its gaze steady on the intruding humans as it keeps striking a few more times, its split tongue appearing. It seems to respond to the people in the background, turning its attention over and striking with a hissing sound.

The man returns with a green broom. He waves it over the cobra as the cobra looks up at both the man and the broom. The cobra displays intelligence. It seems to understand it’s under attack and responds with defensive behavior. The man is just trying to get it out of his bathroom but keeps using a “shooing” sound, which the cobra responds to in like.

It gets a little comical about halfway through the video, as they keep making hissing noises at one another. You hear laughter in the background at this point, as they realize this is just a standoff and there’s no real progress being made to get this cobra out of the human’s bathroom.

At one point, the man inserts the broom straight into the toilet bowl. He taps at the cobra with the bristles of the broom. This time, the cobra has had enough. It seems to finally understand that it’s not welcome there and gets out of the toilet bowl. It looks for a way out, and the man steps out of the bathroom to give it some space.

He returns with a stick that resembles snake tongs to direct the cobra out the door. He’s clearly worked with snakes before because he is unfazed and moves quickly as he pushes the snake out of the home.

Watch how this cobra valiantly defends its newfound home, a toilet bowl.

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Side view of king cobra with its mouth gaping open
Side view of king cobra with its mouth gaping open
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