See 5 Rare and Unique French Bulldog Colors

Written by Katelynn Sobus
Updated: November 1, 2023
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French Bulldogs are sweet and lovable, not to mention adorable! They’re also the number one most popular dog in America according to the American Kennel Club, So, chances are, you’ve seen one before. But, you might not have spotted these rare Frenchie colors!

Rare and unique Frenchie colors that you may not have seen include: blue, blue and tan, lilac, chocolate and tan, and merle. Many of these colors are associated with health problems, so it’s important to look for more than just cuteness when adopting!


In this article, we’ll discuss five of the rarest Frenchie colors and more about these popular little dogs.

5 Rarest Frenchie Coat Colors

1. Blue

french bulldog

Blue Frenchies have blue-ish gray coats, sometimes with white markings.

©Angyalosi Beata/

Blue Frenchies are a dilute black color, or very dark gray. They may or may not have white markings.

The blue color in French Bulldogs can be linked to color dilution alopecia. This is a skin condition that can cause hair loss, scaly skin, skin bumps, skin infections, and itching.

2. Lilac

5-Months-Old Lilac Frenchie Male Puppy. Off-leash dog park in Northern California.

Lilac French Bulldogs have similar coats

to blue Frenchies, but are a little more purple in color.


Lilac French Bulldogs have silvery, purple-tinged coats. Like blue Frenchies, this can result in color dilution alopecia.

3. Blue and Tan

Blue Tan French Bulldog dog puppy with funny frog umbrella

Blue and tan Frenchies are blue with tan markings.


Blue and tan Frenchies are blue with tan markings. Their markings are typically on their chests, paws, and above their eyes (like eyebrows!). As we discussed above, blue coloring in Frenchies might not be healthy for the dogs and they may suffer from skin problems.

4. Chocolate and Tan

Beautiful Chocolate and Tan Big Rope French Bulldog

Image: Lionel Nganga, Shutterstock

©Lionel Nganga/

Chocolate and tan Frenchies look like blue and tan Frenchies but with a rich brown base coat.

5. Merle

baby french bulldog closeup

Merle Frenchies have white fur with dark patches.


Merle Frenchies have white fur with darker (usually blue) patches. Two merle Frenchies shouldn’t be bred together, as double merle dogs (those with two merle genes) are prone to some health problems.

French Bulldog Health Problems

Before adopting a Frenchie, especially from a breeder, it’s important to know that these dogs are not ethically bred.

All of the coat colors above are adorable, and I actually love Frenchies! They’re cute, playful, and loving. The dogs themselves are great pets and the only thing wrong with them is their health.

Frenchie breeders, on the other hand, have created a breed of dogs that struggle in their day-to-day lives. This is because they’re in it solely for the money, not the well-being of the dogs.

French Bulldogs are prone to a host of health problems that make them a very expensive (and often heartbreaking) breed to own. This includes:

Frenchies frequently struggle to breathe and have exercise intolerance, meaning strenuous exercise and exercising in hot weather are dangerous for them.

Adopting Frenchies Ethically

If you choose to adopt a Frenchie, please adopt from a reputable shelter or rescue organization–not an unethical breeder. 

I also strongly advise that you get pet insurance–it will be more expensive for Frenchies than other dogs, but it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary care.

If you can’t afford pet insurance, you likely cannot afford a French Bulldog and the vet bills that they come with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these rare and unique French Bulldog colors and learning a bit more about the breed! Which rare Frenchie color is your favorite?

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Juan Carlos Soto Pendas/

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