See the Cutest, and Slowest Family Reunion With a Sloth Mama and Baby

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Published: November 15, 2022
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Family reunions are a special time, but they can be quite a slow process for sloths. A TikTok video that went viral of a sloth being reunited with her baby is such a heart-warming video to see. The touching moment between a mother sloth and her baby shows how nurturing and loving these cute yet slow animals can be.

It is possible that the baby sloth fell from the mother’s chest while she was climbing the tree, and this seems to be a common issue with baby sloths. Baby sloths can survive a long fall, but they are vulnerable to predators when they are on the ground. In fact, most baby sloths will fall to the ground when their mother is giving birth. This happens when the mother sloth hangs from lower branches in a tree, and she will go to retrieve her baby that has fallen to the ground.

baby sloth
Baby sloths can survive a long fall, but they are vulnerable to predators when they are on the ground.

©Kristel Segeren/

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A Mother’s Love

Mother sloths are known for being quite nurturing towards their baby, and they spend around 12 months of their life raising their babies without the help of the male. Baby sloths rely on their mothers for survival during the first year of their life, but they will start to move to her back as they get older and more eager to explore their surroundings.

When baby sloths are separated from their mothers, usually when they fall, they will make a “crying” sound to alert their mothers. However, since the average sloth only moves at around 2 miles per hour, it can take a while for them to reach their baby, while also using a lot of energy.

Fortunately, the people nearby helped return the baby sloth to the mother, and you can see she welcomed her baby back with open arms. It appears that the mother didn’t notice that her baby was missing, or she was possibly too slow to react in time. The small baby sloth happily snuggled back into their mothers’ arms as the mother sloth grabbed them. The adorable video showed how much love mother sloths have for their babies.

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sloth mom with baby
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