See the Incredible Shipwreck That Millions of Fish Now Call Home

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: June 24, 2023
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Shipwrecks are obviously awful happenings. You can only hope that the people on the ship at the time made it out alive. If you ever wonder what happens once a ship has hit the bottom of the ocean, this video gives you a look into how tragedy turns into a safe haven for other underwater creatures.

The video starts with a shot of a couple of people getting geared up and ready to go deep diving. The video then cuts to scenes of the underwater dive. This is a wreck that happened close to Perhentian Island in Malaysia. It’s actually the biggest wreck ever to happen this close to the island.

Close up of underwater shipwreck and the fish that call it home

Close up of underwater shipwreck and the fish that call it home.

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It was a cargo ship that sank in 2020. It measures over 295 feet, which makes it perfect for exploring. You get a glimpse of what has become of the ship while divers explore the sea life that now calls this cargo ship home. You get a lot of short clips from different perspectives.

First, it’s the approach to the ship. Then, you get a little bit more acquainted with all the fish that live on this ship now. You get to follow along with scuba divers as they swim around the cargo ship, approaching at different angles.

Throughout the video, you see swarms and swarms of different fish going about their day, seemingly unbothered by the humans underwater exploring the place they call home. In some scenes, you get close-ups of fish. You also follow along with some explorers who have flashlights out as they explore some of the darker parts of the underwater cargo ship.

While this video gives you a taste of what it’s like to explore an underwater shipwreck, there’s nothing quite like taking that deep dive yourself. The video is by OctoDiver, which is a sport and recreational club that offers both scuba diving and technical diving courses.

It’s as if nothing ever goes to waste when you realize that even what you might perceive as decaying is actually brimming with life. The video goes on to capture the overwhelming amount of fish swimming around this wreck. Although it’s certainly considered a wreck, with this video, you realize that it is also a safe space for life to continue thriving.

Follow along with scuba divers as they explore the shipwreck near Perhentian Island.

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