See The Incredible Size of a Bull Moose Before It Rips a Maple Tree Apart

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: October 19, 2023
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If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where moose roam free, you probably learned early on not to get in their way. Contrary to how they might be depicted in cartoons, these large animals can throw their weight around with the best of nature’s fiercest predators. This is especially true when the bull moose wants to get a tasty treat of leaves.

The video shows a large male moose, also called a bull moose, knocking over a tree as he forages. It begins with the moose just standing calmly by a young maple tree. He gets a good glimpse of the leaves and walks over. The moose uses his head and antlers to manipulate the branches of the tree, twisting them all around to get to the leaves.

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Fortunately, the branches are quite supple and they bend as the moose continues his movements. Leaves flutter to the ground but the moose continues to be more interested in the tree than in actually getting a snack. Maybe he has an itch that he just can’t scratch.

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“Don’t ruin it all,” the person behind the camera says. The moose looks up briefly but doesn’t pause for too long. He continues to push against the tree. “Hey, hey,” the man says. “Don’t break that tree.” He talks to the moose like an old friend and the moose stops. The video ends before we can see what the moose did with all the leaves he dislodged. We only hope that he enjoyed them in the company of his new human friend.

The footage was captured in New Brunswick, Canada. This province is known for its rugged terrain, perfect for wildlife viewing.

Moose hiding among the tress

Moose eat everything from leaves to twigs and bark of plants.


What Do Bull Moose Like to Eat?

As you can see in this footage, moose love to eat leaves and other green things. Maple trees like this one are at the top of their list of preferred foods. They will eat the bark and twigs as well as leaves. They even eat prickly pine cones. The word “moose” actually comes from the Algonquin word for “eater of twigs.” Bull moose are a bit larger and have to eat more than female moose.

In the summer months, moose will forage more on aquatic plants and leaves while in the winter, shrubbery and twigs make up more of its diet. They eat a wide range of plants, which is helpful to make sure that they can always find a meal. Since moose are so large, they have to eat up to 60 pounds each day!

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