See the Intense Moment Massive Bears Mount a Family’s Car and Attempt a Break-In

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 9, 2023

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Grizzly Bear Jumping

People travel from all over the world to visit Yellowstone National Park. The splendors that envelop you in Yellowstone are unlike anywhere else in the world. The first national park in North America is a magnificent wonder to behold; entering Yellowstone is like entering an alternate dimension. 

This genuinely exceptional oasis is full of wonders. From breathtaking scenery to fauna like wolves and massive bears. When visiting this park, you truly feel like you become one with nature.

One family experienced something incredible during their visit, and thankfully they recorded it. The full video, which we have for you below, starts with the group driving down a paved road when three grizzly bears appeared. 

Without any hesitation, the gigantic wild animals approached the car. Adult grizzly bears weigh between 200 to 700 pounds on average. They stand just shy of four feet tall at the shoulder. They can easily flip a vehicle!

One of the bears seems rather curious and even gets on top of the hood of the vehicle. The family, rightfully so, starts to panic. One comment on the video reads:

I like how she even acknowledged that the park staff told them not to stop. They got themselves into that situation and you can hear them begin to panic.”

If a park ranger ever tells you not to do something, it is essential to listen. These professionals know the area, including the animals that roam around, and the harm they can bring to humans. The other two bears in the group start checking out the car as well.

Thankfully, the family safely got out of the area without any of the wild animals getting hurt. 

Is It Normal Behavior For Bears to Attack Vehicles?

Do Bears Have Tails

Most bear attacks are defensive attacks involving a mother bear and her cub.

Brown bears are generally not aggressive toward humans and tend to avoid them. Bears may attack for many reasons, mostly to protect cubs or territory. However, bears can be unpredictable and may attack if they feel surprised or threatened.

Defensive attacks happen when a bear perceives you as a threat to itself, its cubs, or its food source and tries to remove that threat.

In the case of grizzly bears, a majority of attacks are defensive, typically involving a sow guarding her cubs.

Why Do Bears Approach Humans?

Grizzly 399 with a cub

Grizzlies are extremely protective of their cubs.

When they hear humans approaching, the majority of bears will stay away or even flee the area. It’s not common for bears to attack people. Typically, these animals are only concerned with protecting their territory, food, or young.

The beginning of spring is one of the most dangerous seasons throughout the year for bear attacks. This is because bears are emerging from hibernation, are famished, and are more likely to act irrationally.

The most likely reason that the bears in Yellowstone get so close to cars is simple curiosity. It’s also important to remember that these massive bears in that area are much more accustomed to the presence of people than other places in the country. 

Another reason that a bear may approach a car is due to what it may smell. Grizzly bears have an incredible sense of smell. They can smell a piece of gum in a locked car from nearly 20 miles away. If the family had any snacks in their car, the animal might’ve simply been wanting a snack. 

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