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Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 31, 2023
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Animals often establish dominance via aggressive behavior. However, they may battle it out during desperate moments, behaving out of character for their species. In the clips below, you watch as two completely different types of animals engage in battle behavior, each with their own intentions.

Why Do Giraffes Fight?

You’ve probably seen videos of children feeding giraffes — they’re often portrayed as gentle giants but even giraffes can demonstrate aggression. Most of the time, when giraffes fight, they are fighting for mating rights or territory. It’s uncommon behavior and extremely violent.

They use their long necks as weapons, using all their force to injure one another. The impact may open wounds on the other’s neck and in some cases, the fights end in death. In this clip, you watch the brutality that ensues as two giraffes go head-to-head — or neck-to-neck, rather.

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Watch the brutal battle between these two giraffes.

Do Tigers Eat Humans?

Tigers do not typically demonstrate a preference for human meat. There have been cases when tigers have gone after humans, but this is atypical behavior usually displayed by older or sick tigers that have arrived at a point of desperation and decide to go after easy prey.

In this next video, you watch a desperate tiger display unusual behavior. It was filmed in the busy streets of India. When the video starts, you watch as two men attempt to flee the approaching tiger. One man quickly climbs into a truck while another runs toward a locked door. Unable to make it inside, he looks around for another way to get to safety.

He runs over to the man in the truck just as the tiger climbs over a fence directly toward him. The man jumps up to get into the truck just as the tiger manages to bite his foot. He almost completely destabilizes him, but the man’s will to live keeps him holding on as the man in the truck tries to pull him back up.

Luckily for the two men, the tiger runs away, tries to make it into the locked door, and fails repeatedly. Next, a pack of stray dogs approach the tiger as if they’ve done it before. Six dogs circle around the tiger as it continues trying to jump inside a building, past a door. The tiger seems keen to get whatever is inside the building but takes a few moments to scare off the stray dogs first.

Watch how a desperate tiger goes after two men then a pack of stray dogs.

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two young ginger and brown cats fighting in the garden on the grass.
two young ginger and brown cats fighting in the garden on the grass.
© Mariya Ilmaz/

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