See the Spider that Can Fire Its Sticky Silky Web Up to 80 Feet Away!

Written by Chris Madden
Published: September 14, 2023
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Real Life Spider-Woman Shoots a Massive String of Silk Across an Entire River!

In the video below, a female Darwin’s spider displays incredible ingenuity. She embarks on a daring mission, spanning a 25-meter wide river. She shoots a slender strand of silk into the air. Gracefully, it dances across the expanse, carried by the whims of the wind. This silk thread, both ethereal and robust, defies the odds by stretching to its full length without snapping.

Darwin's bark spider

At the center of its web, a Darwin’s Bark Spider stands motionless. It shows off its colorful red upper legs, feeling for the slightest movement on its huge cast net.


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The female Darwin’s spider demonstrates remarkable silk-weaving prowess. She methodically splits the strand into multiple threads. She ensures they’re secured together at regular intervals to form a unified cord. As this bridge of silk gradually spans the distance between the riverbanks, the spider skillfully traverses her silken lifeline. She reinforces it with an additional layer as she goes.

However, tension mounts as she detects movement on the other side of the river. Another Darwin’s spider seeks to usurp her hard-earned silk structure! Without hesitation, the original silk artist races toward the intruder and severs the cord just before a confrontation ensues. This cut cord is a nuisance, but not the end of the world. The spider balls up the silk to eat it later.

Undeterred, the female Darwin’s spider reloads her spinnerets and shoots another silk cord across the river. This time, there are no challengers. She ascends to the midpoint, securely anchoring the line to a sturdy blade of grass. With her base established, she commences weaving an expansive web, one that can span up to two meters in length.

This awe-inspiring video captures the resilience and determination of a female Darwin’s spider. It showcases the remarkable feats of nature in the face of adversity.

How Large Do Darwin Spiders Make These Enormous Spider Webs To Be?

Selective focus.Darwin's bark spider on a webs with blur background.Darwin's bark spider is an orb-weaver spider that produces the largest known orb webs.Shot were noise and film grain.

A female Darwin’s Spider rests at the center of its web. These webs can be as large as two meters in diameter!


Darwin spiders are renowned for constructing some of the world’s largest spider webs. These intricate structures can stretch up to an impressive two meters in length, showcasing their remarkable weaving abilities. In comparison, the webs of other notable spider species, like the Nephila golden orb-weaver, typically reach lengths of around one meter. The average spider web measures only a fraction of that size. Darwin spiders’ colossal webs not only serve as a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship but also highlight the remarkable physical properties of their silk.

See Why Spider Silk Has Been Baffling Scientists For as Long as Its Been Studied!

Spider silk boasts extraordinary physical properties, marking it as a natural wonder. It’s incredibly lightweight, yet its tensile strength equals or surpasses steel. This unique combination piques the interest of both scientists and engineers.

Spider silk outperforms many synthetic fibers, but mass production proves challenging due to spider farming difficulties. Researchers strive to mimic it, using bioengineered silks from yeast, bacteria, and even goats. However, fully replicating spider silk’s complexity and versatility remains elusive.

While progress in synthesizing spider silk continues, achieving its exceptional qualities remains a distant goal. This bio-inspired material holds immense potential for numerous applications, such as lightweight yet robust textiles and advanced medical devices. In the future we can only hope that synthetic spider silk will be successfully engineered and live up to its potential uses!

Witness a Spectacle of Nature as a Tiny Spider Builds a Gigantic, Sturdy Structure!

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