See This Black Bear Savor His Salmon As If He Is Fine Dining

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 25, 2023

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Black Bear by the river fishing
© Mark Caunt/

Watching videos of wild animals hunting down their prey and eating it can be some of the most fantastic things for us to see. And it can often be highly vicious. However, now and then, predators like to take their time and savor the food they eat. Let’s see this happen in the video posted just above.

Black Bear Dining on Fish

As the video at the top of this blog post starts, we see that someone has caught sight of a massive black bear in the stream below. The bear has caught a salmon and is eating it. This fish didn’t just jump up for this bear so he could be at dinner. This black bear went fishing!

According to the National Park Service, “ a large and dominant male bear will sometimes catch and eat more than 30 fish per day.”

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Take close note of how the bear is savoring each bite. He’s not devouring it like we might think a bear would. Instead, he is taking his time like he is fine dining. At one point, after the bear bites into the fish, he licks the rock where some of the blood has spilled out. He is so concerned with savoring it that the salmon can escape and slip back into the stream!

Comically, after the bear has licked the rest of the spilled blood, he lifts his head to eat the rest of the salmon. Only he now realizes that it has escaped! 

Do Bears Only Eat Fish?

Looking for Food

The smell of food will draw bears out of the woods.

©BeyondMyLens/iStock via Getty Images

Many of the videos of bears eating are true of bears eating fish. And while bears certainly enjoy a good fish, this is not the only food they eat! The North American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) of the genus Ursus are omnivore eaters, meaning they eat both plant matter and meat.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, FWC, the majority of bear’s diet is 73% plants. They enjoy eating grass, leaves, and mast. In addition, they also eat fruits, nuts, various rodents, deer, carrion, and, of course, they are experts at catching fish. 

Perhaps it had been a while since this bear in the video posted at the top had fish. And he wanted to take his time to enjoy every flavor. Let’s just say he tried to enjoy it a little too much, and it slipped right through his paws. 

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