See this Braveheart Chameleon Engage in Intense Battle with a Snake and Emerge Victorious

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: May 3, 2023
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Found in both the southern and eastern regions of Africa there is a snake that grows up to 14 feet long and can reach speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour. It’s known for its powerful venom and is feared by all who live in these regions. But sometimes, an unlikely opponent manages an escape!

What Is a Chameleon’s Primary Defense Mechanism?

Chameleons, unlike their predators, don’t have much strength when it comes to a standoff. Their primary defense mechanism is their ability to camouflage into their environment. Their bodies change colors depending on where they are located. When a predator approaches, their bodies shift to match their surroundings. For example, if a chameleon is up in a tree surrounded by browns and greens, its body adapts those colors, which is like putting on an invisibility cloak!

How Dangerous Are Black Mambas?

Black mambas are highly venomous snakes. It is the deadliest snake found throughout Africa. When a black mamba strikes, its venom is so powerful, its kill rate is 100% without immediate treatment. When a black mamba manages to bite, the symptoms include blurred vision and dizziness. Additionally, those bitten lose complete control of their bodies. It’s not uncommon to see interactions between snakes and chameleons in the wild and usually, the snake is the triumphant opponent.

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Close-up shot of a black mamba.


Chameleon Manages Unbelievable Feat

When the video starts, serene music is playing in the background as if you’ve just laid down for a massage. But the images show an encounter that is anything but relaxing for neither the predator nor the prey. A black mamba slithers right toward a chameleon, grabbing it in its mouth within seconds. The chameleon, likely unaware of the snake’s presence, hardly responds to the attack. It all happens so fast. But once it comes to its senses, it starts lashing its body around, trying to release itself from the black mamba’s mouth.

The black mamba starts lashing about as well, its body moving unpredictably for a few moments. Then, it steadies, and it seems like it’s all over for the chameleon. The camera zooms in and suddenly, a different story is playing out. The chameleon is positioned on top of the black mamba’s head. It’s not in its mouth and in a flash, it is free, scurrying away from the deadly reptile. The black mamba isn’t about to lose this fight, however. It immediately looks over and goes in for the kill again. In the end, it almost seems to show mercy, letting the chameleon live another day.

Watch the Incredible Footage Below!

Chameleon escapes after attack by deadly snake!

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