See This Creepy Spider With Superpowers to Jump 50X Its Own Length

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: August 27, 2023
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There are around 6,000 species of jumping spiders and in this extraordinary clip we get a very close up view of one of them. They all belong to the Salticidae family and the one in this clip is in the Portia species. First, we see this female launch herself into the air and land on a twig whilst we learn that she is capable of jumping 50 times her body length. Then, we learn about her amazing eyesight. She eats other spiders and needs to be able to pick them out from the vegetation that they are hiding in. These spiders are able to tackle prey that is three times their size even if they are venomous and hiding in the middle of a sticky web. Although she is helped by the fact that her target is blind.

Like a scene from ‘Mission Impossible’, she lowers herself from above on a single thread until she is within striking distance – then she pounces! She lands behind the fangs so she is safe from the venom.  Even if there is no anchor point for her abseil, she has a plan. At the edge of the web, she cleverly plucks the strands imitating a struggling insect. The web spider comes racing over thinking it is going to get a meal but ends up being the meal instead.

Do Jumping Spiders Live in the US?

Jumping spiders are found all over the world apart from in Greenland and Antarctica so they are likely to present in most parts of the US. NASA even sent one into space!

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When it comes to habitats, they are not that fussy. You are likely to find them in vegetation (as we see in this clip) as well as in wood piles and amongst rocks. However, they are also found inside houses. People have discovered them under furniture, in folds of curtains, and between books.

Many people think that these guys look cute. They look as if they have faces and can be vivid colors with hairs on their body.

Macro on Hyllus semicupreus Jumping Spider. This spider is known to eat small insects like grasshoppers, flies, bees as well as other small spiders.

Jumping spiders have incredible eyesight.

©Dmytro Khlystun/

Do Jumping Spiders Bite?

It is clear from this clip that they can bite other spiders but do they bite humans? Yes, they can but it does not happen that often. They have fangs and they produce venom but it does not present a serious threat to human safety. Also, if they spot a human coming, they are more likely to run away!

Watch the Amazing Clip Below

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Brett Hondow/

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