See This Cunning Bobcat Defy Gravity and Chase a Squirrel Up a Tree

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 29, 2023
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Bobcats are often described as elusive hunters which means that we humans don’t get to see them in action that often. We know what and when they like to hunt but seeing it happen is pretty rare. So, this video is a real treat. In it we see a determined bobcat hunting a squirrel.

Watching at the Base of the Tree

The footage starts with the bobcat in a super alert posture at the base of a tree in a forest. Bobcats are consummate hunters. They are a medium-sized mammal in the lynx genus and are a native of North America. They owe much of their success to their versatility and their ability to adapt to several different environments. You will see bobcats in mountains and forests but also in swamps and deserts. They are surprisingly willing to enter urban environments to find food. When they are not chasing squirrels, they hunt rabbits, mice, birds and lizards but have been known to attack deer which are more of a challenge for them.

To hunt they use both stealth and power. They creep up on their prey and then lunge with lightening speed.

bobcat standing on top of a rock
Bobcats use stealth, speed and power to hunt


Bobcats and Trees

Bobcats are very comfortable in forests and, as we see here, are perfectly capable of scaling trees. This particular bobcat looks so like a domestic cat as it stalks the squirrel. The mannerisms are strikingly similar.

Using strong limbs and sharp claws, the bobcat can scale the tree by hugging the rough trunk. It’s amazing how agile it is and how quickly it can scale a vertical surface.

However, despite its best efforts it just can’t quite get at the squirrel who is just a bit faster when changing direction. The squirrel runs up and down the tree trunk as if it is enjoying this bizarre but deadly game of ‘cat and mouse’. Of course, it is not a game at all and if the bobcat catches the squirrel it stands no chance.

The bobcat reaches an impressive height and is able to travel from branch to branch. It is also remarkably persistent and scales the tree over and over again to try to reach its prey but the squirrel is just too agile and can stay in the smaller branches that will not support the weight of the larger animal. After a prolonged stand-off, the bobcat spots the human cameraman and slopes away.

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Bobcats in Arkansas can be found in woodlands.
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