See This Farmer Lecture a Lynx Like a Small Child

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: December 25, 2022
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This is an extraordinary video from Canada on so many levels! It shows a farmer who has managed to capture a wild lynx – and that is no mean feat! According to the video notes, the big cat ‘refused’ to leave his hen house after it had raided it and killed several of the chickens. We can only assume that it wanted to stay where the food was. But what happened after that is mind-blowing.

Life Lessons for a Lynx

The farmer has grasped the lynx by the loose skin at the back of its neck. Just like a mother cat carries kittens around. Then, he proceeds to walk around his farm and show the lynx all the damage that it has done. He explains how much the wild animal has ‘upset’ everyone and you cannot help but smile at what he is saying.

Then, you have to remind yourself that this is a really bad idea! The video was captured at Burns Lake which is a rural village in the North-western-Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada. In this area, this kind of interaction with wildlife is illegal. In a statement at the end of the footage, there is a quote from Sgt. Ron Leblanc who says, “There could’ve been a couple of enforcement actions but none were taken in this instance.”

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Canada Lynx perched on the side of a tree.
Canada Lynx usually shy away from humans

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Don’t Get Close to Lynx

The video notes also explain that getting this close to lynx is dangerous. This must have been a particularly docile individual to let the farmer grasp them and carry them around in this way. The Canada lynx will not go out of their way to attack a human. In fact, they shy away from humans and avoid us if they possibly can. However, they are perfectly capable of fiercely defending themselves if they are threatened and there is no reason why they would not do that to a human as well as another animal. They have sharp claws and teeth that could cause some nasty injuries to a human body.

The Canada lynx are a monophagous animal which means that they rely on one type of prey. For them, it is the snow hares and over 70% of their diet consists of these animals. This particular lynx, however, has also developed a taste for chickens!

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Canada lynx in deep snow
Lynx have exceptional instincts for detecting prey.

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