See This Law-Abiding Cow Wait Patiently to Cross the Road

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: January 31, 2023
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As citizens, there are certain laws we all agree to adhere to. There are some more complex laws, and there are simple ones like observing the right of way. Generally, pedestrians have the right of way — particularly when there is a crosswalk. Domesticated animals have certain rights that require human citizens’ advocacy, as you’ll see in this video.

In the clip, you watch as a patient, incredibly intelligent cow stops before crossing the street. The road is busy, with cars traveling in each direction. The cow stops at the crosswalk and vehicles keep going, sometimes pausing momentarily, unsure of what to do. But the cow knows what to do. She waits.

Cow looking into camera

Domestic cows are curious about new things in their environment, like traffic and crosswalks!

©Alena Demidyuk/

How do Cows Exercise?

Cows need to walk regularly to enjoy better health and longer lifespans. They tend to graze on rolling land, munching on grass throughout the day. A cow’s rumen allows her to store lots and lots of grass for her to thoroughly chew later — it’s why they’re known as “ruminants.”

Although the rumen is a part of their stomach, they can voluntarily un-swallow their food to thoroughly chew it up. It’s an adaptation feature that allows them to get to a safe place, lay down, and completely enjoy their meals. When cows are housed indoors, their natural lifestyles are completely altered.

When in open environments, cows naturally walk miles per day, which improves their milk production. If left to their own devices, they walk freely and socialize with other cows and the humans they’ve come to know and love.

Are Cows Smart?

Absolutely! Cows have great memories and they’re social creatures, enjoying the company of other animals. They have the capacity to hold grudges against those that mistreat them, much like humans. In the same vein, they remember those who treat them well and gravitate to them. They develop trust with others. Cows are sensitive creatures, demonstrating in myriad ways how well they understand humans.

They form bonds, and in this video, you see how this cow trusts and understands the human who cares for her. As she stands on the other side of the road where she regularly exercises, she patiently and law-abidingly waits until her human shows up to usher her across the road. Once her owner shows up, she walks on over to the other side of the road safely!

Watch this patient cow wait to get escorted across a busy road.

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