See This Massive Black Bear Smack This Man on the Rear End After He Told the Bear to Leave

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 2, 2023

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Black bear
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There are many things we might expect when being confronted by a bear. Of course, Hollywood would tell us the bear would run us down and kill us viciously. However, we know that’s just not what bears naturally do. We might expect the bear to growl, rise, or even try swiping his paw. But what about smacking us on the rear end? That’s right, you read that correctly, a butt smack. Don’t miss it in the video at the top!

Black Bear Sighting at Family Campsite

This short YouTube clip at the top of this blog post shares footage of a black bear invading a family on vacation. The Bellum K9 YouTube page filmed and shared this video. The guy who runs this page trains k9 dogs, and his channel is filled with videos on that training. And he just happened to encounter a bear

Black Bear Vs. Gate Keeper 

As the video below starts, this family is on vacation by a lake. They were reportedly out there camping, and it looked like they were having a great time. Suddenly, they saw a large black bear entering their little gated campsite. 

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The man opens the gate and holds his hand out as if to tell him, “Alright now, it’s time for you to leave.” However, the bear stands there and looks at him. He doesn’t appreciate being escorted out very much. 

The guy standing at the gate remains calm but tells the bear to be on his way. The bear then stands up and smacks the man on his rear end! Luckily, this man remained very calm. The National Park Service reminds us to “Slowly and calmly speak to the bear, wave your arms to let the bear know you are a human.”

The bear then, ever so slowly, as if he were a turtle, walks out the gate. He then proceeds to stare side-eye with the man closing the gate.

Can a Person Outrun a Black Bear? 

Black bears

Black bears are omnivore eaters.


If a bear gets aggressive, knowing how to handle it is important. Bears may become aggressive if they feel their cubs are threatened or if you attack them. The Alaskan Department of Fish and Game adds, “Every bear has a “personal space”– the distance within which the bear feels threatened. If you enter that space, the bear may become aggressive.” 

The North American black bear (Ursus americanus) is one of eight species of bears. The black bear weighs 600 pounds and reaches just over six feet tall. It is definitely enough to intimidate an adult man standing up. The North American Bear Center states that they can run up to 30 miles per hour and sometimes exceed that amount. 

We don’t know about you, but the fastest runner in the world, Usain Bolt, was able to sprint 27.5 miles per hour. So, even he would be out of luck. So, no, humans cannot outrun a bear. Stand your ground just like the guy in the video posted above did!

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