See This Real-Life ‘Air Bud’ Put on an Astonishing Athletic Display

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: November 23, 2022
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This scene starts with a group of friends out playing volleyball in a park. They have a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and trees and they’re playing on grass. The volleyball net has a yellow trim, and you can tell it’s a bit chilly that day because they’re all bundled up as they play.

There are two women on one side of the volleyball net and a gentleman with his dog, a black Labrador retriever, playing on the other side. Yeah, you read that right. This dog is playing volleyball. In fact, this pup is a very active participant.

Hands reach over a net to hit a volleyball
Hands reach over a net to hit a volleyball


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Each player runs around, following the ball. At one point, the guy playing with the dog hits the ball, as if serving it to the black dog. The black dog, without hesitation, hits the ball with its nose, getting it sky-high so the man can hit it with proper force over the net.

The dog seems to completely understand its role here. It watches intently as the ladies on the other side of the net hit the ball into the air and use extra force to get it over to its side of the net. When the dog sees the ball coming toward its side of the net, it keeps a steady eye on how the man responds to make sure that the ball never touches the ground.

It makes sense that this pup has learned to play volleyball. Labrador retrievers are eager to please with tons of energy. They are fantastic family dogs because of their friendly nature. To keep this type of dog happy, it needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation.

This pup’s owners seem to understand this breed well. The game of volleyball is perfect for this type of pup. It keeps the pup focused on an ongoing game of fetch. Running and jumping gives it the exercise it needs, and time spent with friends and family is a joy for this type of dog.

Labrador retrievers have super friendly personalities, so it must be a complete joy for the owners to enjoy this type of activity with their dog. Since this type of dog takes to training rather easily, it couldn’t have taken too long to get it accustomed to this sport. This certainly is a lucky, well-bonded family!

Watch how expertly a black Labrador retriever plays volleyball.

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Black labrador retriever with its tongue out
Black labrador retriever with its tongue out
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