See This Traveler Spend 82 Hours Riding A Train Across Australia

Written by Eliana Riley
Published: January 18, 2023
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Have you ever taken a journey across a barren wasteland? In this video, a traveler spends 82 hours on an Indian Pacific sleeper train across the outback of Australia. The train’s length is over half a mile. His compartment is cozy, and the man makes the most of his room by observing the beautiful scenery through his compartment window. Within his compartment lies information explaining the historical significance of the Indian Pacific train.

Mealtimes on the train are planned out for the passengers. The menu certainly makes up for those wary of scheduled meals by offering great food. The sleeper train serves an impressive course with several options, including everyone’s favorite: dessert. Hearty entrees, delicious salads, and tempting appetizers make up the available meals.

The traveler explains the history of the train and its current travel offers. Similar to airplane-class options, categories such as gold and platinum allows travelers to pick a desired level of luxury. According to the traveler in the video, the compartment, meals, and class options are both comfortable and pleasurable. In fact, he claims to have received an amazing night’s sleep underneath sheets made of Egyptian cotton.

A Train Journey Across the Outback of Australia

The train’s first stop is Rawlinna, Australia, with a population of 30 people. What makes Rawlinna impressive is that the town is well known for its sheep population, which numbers in the tens of thousands. Although Rawlinna is an abandoned countryside with few residents, the traveler still praises the food he receives in the ghost town.

After visiting Rawlinna, the traveler returns to the train, takes a shower, eats a meal, and makes new friends. He tries a camel curry and a toasted brioche, calling the entrees “food heaven.” While it might be surprising to many, the traveler claims the taste of camel is pleasing. He explains that his goal is to try as many unique cuisines throughout the ride.

Flag of Australia waving in wnd
Did you know that the small town of Cook, Australia, only has four residents?

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The next stop for the train is Cook, Australia. If Rawlinna seems small, Cook is a whole other story. Cook has a population of four people. While the town thrived in the past with a much higher population, this is not the case today. After a short visit, the man hops back on the train and continues his journey, watching the sunset across the outback of Australia. After dark, he orders a vegetarian entree, a tart for dessert, and a ginger beer.

The traveler switches cabins after his stop in Adelaide, Australia, allowing him to explore the town for a couple of hours while the train prepares a new cabin and accepts new passengers. Adelaide’s market includes everything from flowers to kangaroo meat, which the traveler tries before reboarding the train.

Unfortunately, the next part of the journey includes a rough ride for the man. The tracks are bumpy and uncomfortable, but the traveler learns to power through. His new cabin is much larger than his former one. After a few more meals, a long trip across the outback, a last stop, and a not-so-good night’s sleep, the man finally arrives in Sydney, Australia. A view of the Sydney Opera House concludes the incredible 82-hour journey.

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Watch this video of a man taking a train journey in the outback part of Australia.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the outback of Australia?

The outback is the part of Australia that is underpopulated and extremely remote. Most of the outback consists of desert.

Where is Sydney, Australia?

Sydney sits on the southeast coast of Australia in New South Wales.

Why do few people live in the outback?

The outback mainly consists of a very dry desert that presents unpleasant living conditions. Therefore, most Australians live on the coast.

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