See This Whale Leap From the Ocean and Absolutely Smash a Tiny Boat

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: November 22, 2022
© Mircea Costina/
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Seeing a whale breach is an amazing experience. Now, just imagine that you get to witness it from just a few feet away as the whale comes barreling into the bow of your boat!

In the video below, a whale breaches, or swims up to the surface and throws itself out of the water. They land on the bow of a small boat. The boat is anchored and it bobs dramatically as the whale’s body pulls the bow down. After the whale hits the boat, it goes under the surface of the water but comes back up once the whale slips off. Amazingly, the boat does not capsize.

The person filming reacts in surprise to the whale’s actions. The whole thing only lasts a few seconds but we’re guessing that they are seconds that the people nearby will never forget. It’s hard to see exactly how many people are onboard the boat at anchor. It looks like there are a couple of people close to the stern and one inside the enclosed area. Afterward, they were hopefully able to hold onto something as the boat violently rocked back and forth. If not, they may have suffered some injuries, similar to what you may see in a car accident.

Heaviest Animals: Whales
A Humpback whale breaching in “Marino Ballena National Park”, Costa Rica. Humpback whales have some of the longest migrations of any mammal with some populations swimming 5,000 miles (8,047 km) between breeding and feeding grounds.

©Claude Huot/

Generally, whales breach, slap their tails, and move their flippers on the surface for a variety of reasons. Some species breach more often than others, such as right whales, humpback whales, and sperm whales. For the most part, these species are very large. As a result, when they breach it is definitely a sight to remember.

Breaching creates sound waves, which can travel underwater. Because of this, scientists think that these sounds are used to communicate between whales within a pod that is close to each other as well as between whales that are separated by great distances. Maybe this whale is trying to tell his friends that there are boats in this location.

In such a short clip, it’s hard to pinpoint which species of whale is breaching in this video. After all, the whale doesn’t jump up as high as in some other footage of breaches. Maybe the proximity of the boat surprised the whale as well.

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Whale tail by boat
The bigger the splash, the further the sound travels. And it helps that sound travels faster in water than in air.
© Mircea Costina/

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