See Two Bull Moose Have an Epic Battle in A Suburban Driveway

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: April 3, 2023
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In the far northern reaches of North America, one member of the deer family reigns supreme: the moose! Although people don’t often realize moose actually belong to the deer family, they most assuredly are. Even more, they are the largest global members of the deer family and can grow to truly impressive sizes! Watching a moose up close might be amazing, but seeing two moose looking to fight? That’s something that can go viral! This clip shows us that moose are wild animals, but they can sometimes end up in our front yards.

Living in Alaska has a lot of benefits. One that people will usually cite is a feeling of close connection to nature. In a recent clip, we see how those “close connections to nature” actually play out in the real world! The video starts with two fully-grown moose in a small patch of grass… in the middle of a neighborhood!

Large bull moose
A bull moose can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!

©David Osborn/

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The massive animals are running around someone’s driveway, clearly having it out with one another. Both of the moose are bull moose and have a massive set of antlers. A bull moose is a male moose, and they get quite a bit larger than the females. On average, a bull moose can grow between 1,000 and 1,500 lbs, making them some of the largest animals in North America.

On top of their sheer size, bull moose also have huge sets of antlers.

The flat, shovel-like antlers of big bulls can measure as much as four to five feet wide and weigh 25-30 lbs

All in all, you really don’t want to get in a bull moose’s way. Even more, you don’t want to get in the way of two bull moose that are fighting one another! As the video shows, the two animals struggle back and forth, occasionally slipping and falling on the concrete since their hooves aren’t designed for it.

The fight goes on for over two minutes as a crowd gathers to see them compete. Eventually, one of them gets the upper hand, and the smaller moose turns away to run. As soon as it started, the moose finish their epic battle amidst the suburbs of Alaska.

As crazy as the video clip is, moose are actually pretty aggressive during certain times of the year and fight a lot.

Most of the time, male moose fight over females or territory (which they hope is full of females). And it turns out that the point isn’t actually for one moose to gore the other moose with his antlers. It’s to push harder and show that he’s stronger. Whoever can move the other one out of the way wins.


As we can see in the video, that’s exactly what happened! Once the winner pushed the other moose out of the way, the fight seemed to dissipate. Still, it was quite a show for the entire neighborhood to witness!

Make sure you check out the video clip for yourself below!

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Bull Moose
Bull Moose
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