See Two Fishermen Pull in Monster Catfish from the Mississippi River

Written by Katie Melynn
Published: November 25, 2022
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Catfish is a popular fish for anglers, particularly in certain areas.

In this video, fishing show host, Josh Jorgenson, and his friend, Captain Blake, set out to find monster catfish in the Mississippi River. And boy did they do just that!

BlacktipH posts fishing videos to showcase monster fish and big game fishing. This catfish experience is one of their most memorable.

They begin by putting out a yellowfin tuna carcass to lure large catfish toward them—but they aren’t after just any old large catfish.

“Legend has it there’s a massive catfish that lives right here,” says Josh. “So, we’re going to leave this tuna carcass in the water here and hopefully he comes up and starts chewing on it.”

The largest catfish ever caught was 646 pounds! It was a Mekong giant catfish.


The blood from the carcass floats downriver to attract catfish. Once they catch the scent, the hope is that these large fish will come to investigate, wanting more. Josh and Blake put out their own bait, large tuna steaks, on lines.

After a couple of false starts where the fish either took the bait off or got off the hook, Blake hooks a large fish. The fish puts up a good fight as the two work to bring him in.

“He’s a giant!” says Josh as the fish comes above the surface of the water. “Like a 40-pounder!” He scoops up the fish in a net but needs Blake’s help to pick it up so that the handle doesn’t break under the massive fish’s weight.

“The legend is definitely true,” says Blake.

They continue fishing and catch a few more large catfish. While releasing them back into the river, a giant fish catches on the line. Bringing it onboard, they see that the catfish is the largest of the day. Josh holds it up with two hands, supporting the massive weight with his knee.

In the end, they release the fish back into the river and the legend lives on.

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Mississippi River Big Fish
There are over 2,000 miles separating the mouth of the Mississippi River from its start.
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