See What Happens When a Man Buys a Grocery Store Lobster… And Keeps It as a Pet

Written by Chris Madden
Published: July 31, 2023
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Learn More About Lobsters!

  1. Lobsters have an incredible age span, living up to 50 years or more in the wild, making them one of the longest-living crustaceans on the planet.
  2. These remarkable creatures possess an astonishing regenerative ability. If they lose a claw, they can regrow a new one over time.
  3. Lobsters are skilled navigators, using a combination of their sense of smell and a special organ called a statocyst to maintain their orientation and find their way around their underwater habitats.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, lobsters are not red when alive. They display a variety of colors, from dark blue to green and even orange, but they turn bright red only after being cooked.
  5. Lobsters communicate with each other using a mix of physical gestures and chemical signals, engaging in courtship dances and establishing their social hierarchies in underwater societies.

Can You Really Keep a Grocery Store Lobster as a Pet?

In an enthralling video, a man purchases a lobster from a local supermarket. He transforms it into an unusual yet fascinating pet. He sets up a fish tank with natural seafloor gravel and algae, creating a comfortable habitat. The man fills the tank with saltwater, introducing the pet lobster to its new home after its journey from the store.

Lobster under water on a rocky bottom
Lobsters use their two huge claws to defend themselves and attack prey. One claw is sharp with pointed teeth, which the other is larger and dull. This variety of tools gives a lobster numerous options in self defense and hunting!

Initially hesitant, the lobster takes time to adjust. It refuses to eat the algae that would be its natural food. Surprisingly, it eagerly devours fish food pellets when dropped into the tank. As the days pass, the man introduces worms, and the lobster skillfully grabs them with its smaller legs to consume.

However, the pet lobster’s large claws, once bound by rubber bands during transit and display at the supermarket, are not functioning properly. In a tender act of care, the man attempts to help the lobster open its claws using a stick. Gradually, the claws start to heal, and the lobster gains the ability to break open and relish a sumptuous seafood medley of mussels, clams, and shrimp.

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The video concludes with the man expressing amazement at the pet lobster’s unique characteristics. The creature grooms itself meticulously and diligently cleans up the tank, eliminating all the algae that had been present before. Witnessing this captivating transformation, viewers are left with a newfound appreciation for these fascinating marine creatures. They form a profound connection between humans and the denizens of the deep.

How Long Do Lobsters Live For?

Lobsters are known for their impressive longevity. Their lifespans vary depending on the species, lasting up to 50 years or more. In the wild, they encounter diverse threats. These can impact their survival. Natural predators such as sharks, rays, and large fish pose continuous risks. Additionally, diseases and parasites can weaken them. Moreover, environmental factors like rising water temperatures and ocean acidification can influence their lifespan.

Live lobster in the aquarium. Product in the supermarket. Close up photo of big lobsters in water tank for sale
When captured, lobstermen bind lobster’s claws with rubber bands to make sure they don’t attack each other or pinch someone’s finger!

However, human activities also significantly impact lobster populations. Overfishing and habitat destruction disrupt their natural habitats. This reduces their numbers and potentially leads to population decline. Pollution, including chemical runoff and plastic waste, adds to the challenges they face.

To safeguard these remarkable creatures, conservation efforts, sustainable fishing practices, and marine protection areas are essential. By addressing these issues, we can support the longevity of lobsters and maintain a healthy balance in our ocean ecosystems.

How Long Have People Eaten Lobster? Is It True That They Used to be Served to Prisoners?

For centuries, people have been indulging in the delectable delight of lobster cuisine. During the early 17th century, people viewed lobsters as mere ocean bugs, and they commonly served them to prisoners and laborers because of their abundance. However, perceptions gradually shifted, and lobster began its transformation. It evolved from a humble meal for the less fortunate to a highly coveted and luxurious ingredient in gourmet cooking.

During the 19th century, improved transportation and preservation methods allowed lobsters to reach urban markets. This elevated their status. As travelers and tourists relished this delicacy in coastal regions, its popularity soared. Lobster became synonymous with extravagance and indulgence, gracing the tables of royalty and aristocracy alike.

Live lobster with big claws on the beach in Maine.

A lobster with huge claws caught off the coast of Maine.

Maine has a reputation for having great lobster

, and there are thousands of lobstermen that help collect this state’s most delicious resource!


Today, lobster continues to hold its esteemed position in culinary circles worldwide. From classic lobster bisques to innovative lobster dishes crafted by celebrated chefs, it remains a symbol of exquisite taste and culinary sophistication. This journey from oceanic bugs to a pinnacle of gourmet excellence showcases the lasting allure and evolution of lobster. Now, people are even so interested in this intriguing marine animal that people own pet lobsters! It stands as a timeless and cherished indulgence in the world of cuisine.

Where Do People Most Commonly Catch Lobsters, and Which Place is Most Famous for Their Lobsters?

Various regions around the world commonly catch lobsters. They thrive in specific oceanic conditions. The North Atlantic Ocean is particularly known for abundant lobster populations. Countries like the United States and Canada have significant lobster fisheries. The coastal areas of Maine, in the northeastern United States, hold a particularly iconic reputation. They offer some of the world’s best lobster. People celebrate Maine lobsters for their sweet, succulent meat. They have become a culinary delight sought after by seafood enthusiasts globally. In addition to the North Atlantic, other regions boast thriving lobster industries. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe are renowned for their delectable lobster dishes. These areas are go-to destinations for lobster aficionados.

Watch as a Supermarket Lobster Goes From Becoming a Meal to Man’s Best Friend!

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