See What Happens When a Man Stumbles Upon a Mountain Lion’s Secret Home

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: December 19, 2022
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Many animals are adept at utilizing things that we humans leave in the natural environment. Here we see what happened when a mountain lion came across a disused corrugated pipe!

Mountain Lion Making a Home

This may look like an old bit of pipe to you but to this mountain lion it is their secret home. This particular lion is not best pleased that they have been disturbed when they are trying to relax either!

The best way to appreciate this vid is to put it on full volume. The sound emitted by this lion is insane! By the light of a flashlight, we can see the lion crouched inside the pipe. They give off a series of warning snarls and growls that sound like an engine revving up. If the human taking this vid had any sense, they would back off pretty quickly because this lion looks as if they could pounce at any moment.

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Female mountain lion chasing prey
Mountain lions cannot roar!

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All About Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are also called cougars and are native to North America although you may also see them referred to as pumas and panthers. They have a slender body with a round head and pointed ears. Mountain lions do not roar! As we can clearly hear on this footage, instead they growl, hiss and scream although they can also purr. They can be anything from five feet to nine feet in length and weigh up to 150 pounds – their overall body shape is similar to that of a domestic cat.

These lions do not live in a traditional pride social structure. Instead, they lead quite solitary lives. However, they often set up a small community that is tied to the territories of dominant males. Within these structures, the big cats at least tolerate each other.

They are incredibly athletic and can leap 20 feet into the air or in front of them. This means that they do not have to get too close to their prey before pouncing. When it comes to a choice of diet, they are not that picky. They will happily eat rabbits, micebeaversraccoons, and wild turkeys. They will also eat insects, penguins, deer and even crocodiles!


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