See What Happens When This Falcon Foolishly Invades an Owl’s Nest

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: August 28, 2023
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What is the significance of a nest or home in the wild? Why would any animal attempt to invade another’s territory? Well, with a nest or a home, the majority of the time, it means eggs or young animals that were just born. And those are the easiest meal of all. Even though it won’t always be enough to sustain a full-grown animal for an entire meal, it is enough of a snack to tie them over.

However, the danger of entering another’s nest or home is not something to take lightly. The dangers of entering without knowing if the parents are at home can be life-threatening. In the case of this video shown below, a falcon has wandered into a nest that he will soon regret. 

The YouTube video shown below is by the Charter Group Birdcams that takes place in Israel. For the start of the description, they wanted to let their viewers know the following. 

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“All the birds in this video are WILD and can enter and leave as they please. This video is meant to document the lives of wild barn owls and kestrels so that we can learn more for both educational & research purposes and serve as an aid for the species conservation effort. We do not set up/ stage or intervene. All the videos are documenting wild animals.” 

On this beautiful day, we can see a view of two owls in their bird nest. In the corner, we can see an aerial view of where the nest is located and the view beyond it. What we do not know is that underneath the female owl are eggs that she is laying. 

Suddenly, their nest is disturbed by a flacon that comes crashing in. Both the male and female birds take on the defensive. They lock this falcon down and don’t allow him to move. They are determined he will not get their eggs.

Throughout the video, they fight back and forth, with one of the owls always standing in the corner to protect the eggs. They are ensuring that when this falcon finally leaves, he will not take their eggs with them. 

How Fast Can Falcons Fly?

A Peregrine Falcon

Falcons can live up to 18 years.

©Harry Collins Photography/

If you thought the eagle was impressive with his speed of 100 miles per hour, wait until you check out the falcon. 

Falcons can fly up to tremendous speeds of 200 miles per hour! But wait, it gets more interesting. The peregrine falcon is known to reach up to speeds of 240 miles per hour

Check Out the Video Below!

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