See What It’s Like Stay In A Glass Cabin Surrounded By A Wolf-Infested Forest

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: August 31, 2023
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Key Points:

  • The video was posted by Wellness Travelled, an Instagram page that highlights distinctive accommodation and sustainable ecotourism.
  • In the window, you get a view of four wolves walking past.
  • If you were to visit the cabin, you could hear the sounds of wolves howling at night.

This has got to be one of the most enchanting sights to wake up to. Whether you are a fan of wolves or not, there is no denying the sheer beauty of these animals in the snowy landscape. To have them pass so close to where you are staying is a privilege.

Wolves Strolling Past A Glass Cabin

This footage was shared by Wellness Travelled, an IG account focusing on unique stays and ecotourism that values sustainability. The footage was shot in Parc Omega which is a wildlife park located not too far from Ottawa, Canada.

From inside one of the ‘Wolf Chalets’, we get a glimpse of four wolves wandering past the full-length window whilst another takes a break from its walk to gaze in at the humans. The wolves here have over 2,000 acres of parkland to enjoy. Visitors to these cabins can also expect to hear the sound of wolves howling in the night.

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Wolves are found on many continents including North, South, and Central America as well as parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Wolves are apex predators and feature widely in human stories and folklore. There are more than 30 subspecies of wolves and our domestic dog breeds are descended from these amazing creatures. However, they all have rough, thick fur with either a gray or beige pattern.

Grey wolf looks straight ahead
Adult male wolves can be six feet long

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All About Wolves

Social interaction is important for wolves – they live in packs and mate for life. Their color may vary to blend in with the landscape and some of the wolves in this clip have pale coats to blend in with the snow.

An adult male wolf is around six feet long and three feet high, they weigh up to 160 pounds. Living in packs of up to eight adults, they patrol territories that can be 100 miles across. They are carnivores and hunt a range of prey. Top of the list would be large hoofed animals such as elk, moose, and white-tailed deer and some wolves will cover long distances to follow the migratory patterns of their prey.

They are also opportunists and will eat smaller animals including hares, raccoons, and mice. Some subspecies of wolves in some locations pose a threat to livestock and this has bought them into conflict with humans. The wolves here, however, seem to be in complete harmony with their human visitors.

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Where Is Parc Omega Located On A Map?

Parc Omega is located in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada. It is approximately one hour east of Ottawa and 1.5 hours west of Montreal.

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